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Korean Music Playlists for Different Moods

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which song to listen to, especially if you’re in an undefinable mood. So we’ve collected a wide range of songs, from K-Pop to K-Indie and OST’s, and compiled them into unique playlists for different moods – so you don’t have to.




Are you sad? Lonely? Do you need encouragement or motivation? Or maybe just something to make you smile? This playlist is for those who need a bit of a mood-booster in their lives.

Sad 슬퍼

As much as we need songs to boost our mood, sometimes we just need time to be sad – and that requires a special selection of K-Pop songs.

Summer Vibes

Whether you’re at the beach, going for a long drive, or relaxing in the afternoon sun – all these songs are perfect for maintaining your summer vibes.

Nighttime Jams

K-Pop can be listened to during all hours of the day, but we’ve found that certain songs simply sound better when listened to at night – which is why this playlist is dedicated to songs that are 100% nighttime jams.


Study Sesh

When studying, some prefer to listen to music while others would rather listen to nothing at all – either way, this playlist has both K-Pop and K-Indie songs that will motivate you during your study sesh without distracting you from your work.


Solo Dance Party

Sometimes, without knowing why, you feel the need to stop everything you’re doing and find a quick way to get rid of all your stresses –  in times like these, you need a solo dance party with songs that are guaranteed to make you feel less burdened.

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Feature Image Source: ©Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash, 06.01.2019,

Claudia Deborah (이보라)

Local book dealer by day - goblin writer by night. 제 생명은 조금 심심하고 단순하지만 제 인생은 한 번이에요. 그래서 저는 단순한 일상에 감사함을 느껴요.



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