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K-Idol birthdays of the Month – June!

Can we believe that it’s almost halfway through the year?! We can’t, so to distract ourselves let’s take a look at the wonderful people have birthdays in June.

June 5th – Yoo In Ah (유인아)

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Yoo In-na stumbled into our lives as the leading role, Choi Hee Jin, in the drama Queen In-Hyun’s Man. Since then she has continued to find a place in our hearts. Whether it is a supporting role such as Yoo Se-me in My Love from a star, or as the undeniable beauty Sunny in the hit drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God which is one of the highest rated cable television series in South Korea.

Her skills don’t stop at acting. She is also a talented DJ. She was a host for TV Entertainment Tonight from 2011 to 2012, which she won Best Variety Entertainer at the Seoul Broadcasting Entertainment Awards. At the moment she is a DJ for KBS Cool FM’s Let’s Crank Up the Volume, which is the highest-rated radio program in its timeslot.

We wish this lovely lady a very happy birthday!

June 6th – HyunA (김현아)

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The stunning Hyuna was born on June 6, 1992, and will be turning 26. She began her music career as the main rapper in JYP entertainments girl group Wonder Girls in 2006. Although she left in July the following year, she didn’t let it slow her down. She went on to headline bands such as Trouble Maker and 4Minute and has gone on to kill it with her solo career.

Hyuna challenges Korean society norms by wearing revealing outfits and making suggestive videos. And that’s is why we love her. Check her out in Lips and Hips or in one of her early songs bubble gum.

June 7th – Cha Seung Won (차승원)

©Cha Seung Won, 30.05.2018,

Aaah Cha Seung. What can we say about this decorated actor and model? He recently came back into our lives as one of the main leads in the romantic comedy A Korean Odyssey and being such a tall handsome man has kept him very busy over the years. He started as a model in the 90s and gained stardom through a string of hit comedies such as Kick the Moon (2001), Jail Breakers (2002), and Ghost House (2004). He then stunned in the period thriller Blood Rain. His popularity continued to grow with the dramatic film My Son about a man who is serving life for robbery and murder being granted one day leave to see his family after serving 15 years of his sentence.

We could probably go on all day about his incredibly varied and vast film career that has made him a staple in Korean households but it is best you see him in action yourself. Check him out in his latest hit A Korean Odyssey or watch the cult hit The Greatest Love.

June 11th – Kang Ho Dong (강호동)

©HoDong, 30.05.2018,

This funny guy is best known for his comedic talents on the well-loved and hilarious show ‘Knowing Brothers.’ Which is now on Netflix under the title Men on a Mission.

He has many talents other than his comedic timing. Before scoring the gig on knowing brothers, he was known as one of Koreas top wrestlers. Just as you think Kang Ho Dong can’t get any cooler, he also owns a chain of Korean barbecue restaurants called Baek Jeong.

We wish Ho Dong a brilliant birthday.

June 22nd – Lee Mee Ho (이민호)

©Lee Min Ho, 30.05.2018,

The one and only Lee Min Ho! The success of Lee Min Ho’s television dramas throughout Asia has made him a top Hallyu star. If you aren’t familiar with this fella, he has a wide variety of shows to keep you interested. You can go check him out as Gu Jun-Pyo in the hit Boys over Flowers(2009). It was his break out role that gained him widespread fame in Korea and won him a Best New Actor award. If you can’t handle his hair in boys over flowers, then check out his 2013 hit ‘The Heirs’ or his most recent drama ‘Legend of the Blue sea’ in which he falls in love with a beautiful mermaid. So much choice!

Lee Min-ho began his  military service on May 12, 2017, at Suseo Social Welfare Centre in Gangnam District Office as a public service officer. We can’t wait for his return to our screens when he finishes his service. Happy Birthday Oppa!!

June 25th – Rain (비)

©Rain, 30.05.2018,

Rain (Born Jung Ji-hoon) is a worldwide sensation and is kind of a big deal. As a singer, actor, and dancer, he is a triple threat.

Rain has a musical career that spans seven albums, 28 singles and several world tours. His third album was his breakthrough success selling over a million copies in Asia, putting him on the map

Rain managed to break into Hollywood with the film Speed Racer. And his appearance in Ninja Assassin won him an MTV award, making him the first Korean to ever win the acclaimed award.

Have a great day everyone!

Honourable Mentions –

John Cho (Actor)

Shownu (Monsta X)

Arin (Oh My Girl)

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