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K-Idol Birthdays: May!

Can anyone believe we are almost five months through the year already?! Another month means another lot of birthdays!

May 1st – Hani (EXID)

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Ahn Hee-yeon is known to most as Hani and is an active member of the girl group EXID. She has gained popularity as a fan cam goddess and is well versed in variety shows. She has appeared as a guest host on Weekly Idol and a cast member on Off to SchoolCrime Scene and A Style for You. Prior to her debut with EXID, Hani was originally set to debut as a member of a girl group under JYP Entertainment, along with Sistar’s Hyolyn. She also once aspired to study psychology and become a psychologist. which wouldn’t have been hard for her as she has an IQ score of 145.

EXID’s latest single ‘Lady” was released on April 2nd and is another catchy tune from Hani and the girls. We hope she has a good rest this birthday!

May 3rd – Crush

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Crush turns 26 this month! He debuted April 1st 2014, with the single, “Sometimes”, and released his first album, Crush On You on June 5th 2014. Crush is best known for his incredibly popular original soundtrack ‘beautiful’ for the hit KDrama ‘Goblin.’

In January 2016, it was announced that Crush was to release a new single featuring Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. The song titled “Don’t Forget” was released on January 22 and won first place on Show Champion on January 27, marking his first music show win.

He is currently active as a member of the hip-hop crew ‘Fanxychild’, which consists of Zico (rapper, producer), Millic (DJ, producer), Staytuned (producer), Penomeco (rapper), and Dean (singer, producer). Their representative songs are “Fanxy Child “, “Bermuda Triangle”, and “Paradise”. “Bermuda Triangle” has topped several music charts. Have a great birthday Crush!

May 10th – Lee Hyori

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Lee Hyori is a singer, record producer, activist, actress and television presenter. In 2006 she was the highest-paid female singer in South Korea when she signed a contract with Mnet Media. She debuted as a member of South Korean girl group Fin.K.L in 1998, as the leader of the group. In 2003, she decided to focus on a solo career. Her debut solo album Stylish won several “Artist of the Year” awards.

These days you can catch her on her own variety show Hyori’s homestay.

May 15th  – Jonghyun (CNBlue)

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Lee Jong-hyun is a musician, singer-songwriter, actor and all round good guy. He is the lead guitarist and vocalist in rock band CNBLUE. Alongside his music career, he has is also a talented actor. He made his acting debut in the movie Acoustic in 2010, followed by his television debut in the Korean drama A Gentleman’s Dignity in 2012. He has appeared in dramas such as Orange Marmalade (2015) and Lingerie Girls’ Generation (2017). He also features in the Netflix original drama My Only Love Song.

Lee Jonghyun currently stars in the new OCN series Evergreen. He plays dreamy Dr Oh Soo. A promising engineer and cafe owner who accidentally falls in love with a heartbroken police officer (actress Kim So Eun).

If you want to keep updated with Jong-Hyun you can follow him (and fall in love with his cat) on his Instagram ‘cnbluegt’.

May 21st – Aron (Nu’est)

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Youngmin Kwak, better known as Aron, is an American Korean singer, rapper, and DJ. He debuted in 2012 as a vocalist and rapper of boy group NU’EST. He is the oldest member and is the groups English spokesperson. Fun Fact Aron’s favourite cartoon is SpongeBob Square Pants. The boys have been busy, receiving their first music show win last year! They also contributed to the ‘Korean Odyssey’ soundtrack with the song ‘Let Me Out.’

Have a great birthday Aron!

May 30th – Ailee

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Ailee was born in Denver, Colorado and moved to South Korea in 2010, where she passed an audition and became an artist for YMC Entertainment.

Ailee is a woman of many talents. She received the Best New Artist Award at the Melon Music Awards, Golden Disc Awards, Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards and the Seoul Music Awards. She has also received the Best Newcomer and Four Best Female Vocal Performance awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards for “U&I”, “Singing Got Better”, “Mind Your Own Business” and “If You”. Ailee won Best Original Soundtrack at the 7th Korea Drama Awards for her work in Fated to Love You‘s original soundtrack “Goodbye My Love”

On 18 March 2018, Ailee performed “I WIll Show You” at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang. She’s one busy lady and we hope that she has a great birthday!

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