K-Culture: language Guide

In this month’s language guide, we’ve packed in everything you need to share your love of K-Culture through the medium of language.


한글 – hangul = The Korean alphabet

한복  – hanbok = Traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivalscelebrations, and ceremonies .

한옥 – hanok = A traditional Korean house. Hanoks were first designed and built in the 14th century during the Joseon Dynasty

한식 – hansig = Korean food.

Interesting phrases

먹방 – mukbang =  Live online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large amounts of foods while interacting with their audience.  

나는 먹방을 보고 있어
naneun meogbang-eul bogo iss-eo
I’m watching 먹방 now


내일은: naeil-eun – Tomorrow
추석: Chuseog – Chuseog 
이야: iya – is  

내일은 추석이야
naeil-eun chuseog-iya
Tomorrow is Chuseog


한복은: hanbok-eun – Hanbok is
아름다워: aleumdawo – beautiful

한복은 아름다워.
hanbok-eun aleumdawo
Hanbok is beautiful

한식은: hansig-eun – hansig is
맛있어: mas-iss-eo – delicious

한식은 맛있어
hansig-eun mas-iss-eo
Korean food is delicious


내일은: naeil-eun – Tomorrow
한국의: hangug-ui – Korean
명절인: myeongjeol-in – Korean traditional holiday
추석이야: chuseog-iya – is Chuseog

내일은 한국의 명절인 추석이야
naeil-eun hangug-ui myeongjeol-in chuseog-iya
Tomorrow is Chuseog, a Korean traditional holiday.

나는: naneun – I
어제: eoje – yesterday
한복을: hanbok-eul – hanbok
입었어: ib-eoss-eo – wore

나는 어제 한복을 입었어
naneun eoje hanbog-eul ib-eoss-eo
I wore hanbok yesterday


추석은: chuseog-eun – Chuseog is
내가: naega – my
제일 좋아하는: jeil joh-ahaneun – favourite
명절이야: myeongjeol-iya – traditional holiday

추석은 내가 제일 좋아하는 명절이야.  
Chuseog-eun naega jeil joh-ahaneun myeongjeol-iya.   
= Chuseog is my favorite traditional holiday.

너는: neoneun – you
한복: hanbok – Hanbok
입어본 적: ib-eobon jeog – ever wore
있어?: iss-eo? – Have

너는 한복 입어본 적 있어?
Neoneun hanbok ib-eobon jeog iss-eo?
Have you ever wore hanbok?


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