June Language Card (Ordering Coffee/Names of Coffees and Teas)



카페 라떼 ka-pe la-tte: Caffe Latte

카페 모카 ka-pe mo-ka: Café Mocha

카푸치노 ka-pu-chi-no: Capuccino

에스프레소 e-seu-peu-re-so: Espresso

아메리카노 a-me-ri-kano: Americano

바닐라 라떼 ba-nil-la la-tte: Vanilla Latte

카라멜 마끼아또 ka-ra-mel ma-kki-a-tto: Caramel Machiatto


유자차 yu-ja-cha

Yujacha is made of the yuja citron fruit. It is very popular in South Korea and is most commonly taken during the winter.

오미자차 o-mi-ja-cha

Omijacha is made of dried magnolia berries. The word omija comes from the chinese characters 五味子, which means “five flavors”. Those five flavors consist of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent.

율무차 yul-mu-cha

Yulmucha is a drink made of roasted yulmu or a grain called Job’s Tears. Sometimes it is mixed with different nuts like walnuts and/or peanuts.

생강차 saeng-gang-cha

Saenggangcha is a tea made of ginger. It considered to be a very healthy tea. It is considered to be great for preventing colds or helping with digestion.

대추차 dae-chu-cha

Daechucha is made of tried jujubes. This tea is topped off with little pieces of dried jujube and pine nuts. It is also considered to be great for one’s health and is mostly consumed in the winter.

쌍화차 ssang-hwa-cha

Ssanghwacha is a medicinal tea made by boiling several herbs and dried roots. It is a deep brown color and sometimes people add a raw egg yolk to it. However, these days it is most commonly consumed without the egg yolk.

매실차 mae-sil-cha

Maesilcha is made up of korean plums that are sweetened. This tea is a common drink in South Korea and is sold in most markets and shops throughout the year.

뜨거운거 tteugeoungeo: hot

차가운거 chagaungeo: ice

*It is more common in Korea to say 아이스 (a-i-seu) when ordering for a cold drink.

Ordering Coffee/Tea


아이스 아메리카노 주세요. a-i-seu a-me-ri-ka-no ju-se-yo: Please give me an iced americano.

뜨거운 유자차 주세요. tteu-geo-un yu-ja-cha ju-se-yo: Please give me a hot citrus tea.


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