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How to Plan Your Diary in Korean

A diary can be many things. Usually, many people think of diaries as ‘books where you write your daily experiences, feelings and thoughts’. These days, however, more and more people view diaries as planners and memo-hoards, or anything where you write down and keep track of your day-to-day activities along with weekly goals, aspirations, to-do lists, motivational thoughts and photographs.

Despite Korea’s technological leaps and the convenience of digital planners, many Koreans find more comfort in owning a physical diary – one in which they can write, draw and jot down anything they want. These thoughts are shared by people all over the world who have decided that this is the year to commit to a physical diary.

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When asked why they decided to switch from digital to hard copy diaries, our Inspire Me Korea staff members commented:

I write in my Korean journal whenever I have something I want to record and remember – usually a feeling that I don’t want to forget. It really helps me to reflect on life situations and to organise my thoughts. There are lots of Korean words that can’t be translated into English… and I can often articulate my thoughts better in Korean!”

“When I began studying Korean a couple of years ago, I was able to memorise difficult vocabulary by using them in my planner. It began with just little words, but I was soon able to write almost all of the contents of my diary in Korean. It really helped to fast-track my studies and keep my diary neater.”


Since diaries can help both those who want to study Korean and those who already do, we have compiled a list of simple words to use in your own diary.


Read on to discover how you can use Korean when planning your own diary.




©Inspire Me Korea Diary Phrases, Claudia Deborah, 04.03.2019


©Inspire Me Korea Diary Phrases, Claudia Deborah, 04.03.2019


Example Page:

©Inspire Me Korea Diary Phrases, Claudia Deborah, 04.03.2019

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