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Top 10 non-spicy Korean foods you need to try

If you find yourself in a Korean restaurant, it is likely that there will be spicy dishes on the menu. But what if you aren’t as tolerant of the heat of chillies? Don’t worry, there are still non-spicy Korean dishes and street foods that you can try! Read on for our top 10 suggestions of non-spicy Korean food you need to try!

1. Bulgogi

A well-known meat dish which consists of sweetly marinaded meat. You can make wraps with it after grilling!

© Inspire Me Korea.

© Inspire Me Korea.

 2. Kimbap

Kimbap looks similar to sushi but doesn’t contain raw fish and its rice doesn’t have vinegar in it. Instead Koreans add sesame oil. These seaweed wrapped rice rolls can contain meat, different vegetables, pickles, and cooked egg. A perfect non-spicy option!

© Inspire Me Korea.

© Inspire Me Korea.

3. Fried chicken

If nothing takes your fancy, a safe option is to go for the fried chicken! It’s crispy and moreish, with options to have it without a spicy coating. Great, if you aren’t a fan of spice!


© Generation 1988,

© ‘Chicken, fried, dishes, food’. Pixabay

4. Mandu

Korean dumplings are worth trying! Usually a mixture of tasty ingredients make up the filling, such as ground pork and beef, some kimchi, garlic and ginger. You can have them as part of a soup or as a starter, they are very versatile as a meal option!

© Inspire Me Korea.

© Inspire Me Korea.

5. Jeon

These are essentially fritters which could contain either fish, meat and/or vegetables in the cooked batter. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the difference in textures makes any type of ‘jeon’ so satisfying to eat! And you could even mix and match different types of jeon in one sitting!

© Inspire Me Korea.

© Inspire Me Korea.

6. Japchae

These ‘glass noodles’ are made from sweet potatoes, cooked in sesame oil, with a little sugar and soy sauce as added seasonings. Meat and/or vegetables are usually mixed into this popular type of noodle.

7. Gyeranjjim

Looking for a healthy option? Try gyeranjjim which is basically steamed egg. An egg and water mix with some seasoning and spring onion garnish, is gently cooked in this way to make it an incredibly light and non-spicy dish to enjoy.

© Inspire Me Korea.

© Inspire Me Korea.

8. Bungeo-ppang

If you are looking for something sweet, try this fun carp-shaped bread which normally has a sweetened red bean paste filling, but you can sometimes find some other fillings nowadays! It is served warm as a street food, which is perfect if the weather is cold!

© Inspire Me Korea.

© Inspire Me Korea.

9. Miyeok-guk

If it’s your birthday, keep to tradition by drinking seaweed soup! This broth is typically flavoured with a variety of seafood, with the main ingredient of course being the all important seaweed!

 10. Kong-guksu

This is a cold noodle dish for all you open-minded and adventurous eaters out there! The broth for the noodles is actually made from blended soybeans and it makes a good change from all the strong-tasting Korean foods available.

What did you think of our list? Have you tried any of these? Or have any more suggestions? Leave us a comment below! We hope you found our non-spicy food guide useful 🙂

Featured image source: © Inspire Me Korea. 17.06.2017.

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