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The Perfect Festival to Cure Your Kimchi Cravings.

What better food to eat in this chilly weather than the hot and fiery Kimchi? Winter is fast approaching and we need to heat our bodies up! Why not get the full experience of a wide array of different kimchi before the year is over? And if you are crazy about good food & discovering other cultures, the Kimchi Festival in South Korea is perfect for you!

Similar to the how the Hanbok is being re-popularised by the Korean government, the Kimchi Festival was introduced in order to keep the old tradition of mass preparing the food for the winter alive. Kimchi is not just the national dish of Korea, but it is integral to Korean culture. But it’s not just in Korea where you can find it, as it is now available all over the world!

Koreans have been eating kimchi since 1254! Kimchi is the national dish of Korea and has been around for thousands of years. It’s made with pickled cabbage, salt and other spices. The fermentation process allows it to last very long periods of time without spoiling; stored in big jars or plastic container in its own special fridge. Kimchi is very healthy, rich in vitamins and more importantly a very long-lasting addition to any Korean’s diet.

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The Gwangju world Kimchi festival is celebrating its 25th year. To honour this mouth-watering festival here is all you need to know to fuel your Kimchi cravings.

Gwangju is a city well known for its affection for Kimchi. It even has its own dedicated kimchi town, where you can learn all about its history and culture or even experience making it firsthand. You can even visit the World Institute of Kimchi or the Kimchi Museum while you are in Gwangju.

It doesn’t stop with Kimchi town, however. To make sure everyone knows just how serious they are about it. Gwangju holds this incredible festival every year to showcase the side dish in all its fermented glory. With over 200 varieties available, it isn’t done by halves and it certainly isn’t one to miss. This year the festival runs from the 25th – 28th of October.

You can find everything to do with kimchi that you could possibly ever want.

There is a kimchi market and cultural entertainment. Excitingly, there is also a ‘Kimchi Master Competition’ where competitors can win the Kimchi Presidential Prize! There is also Kimchi making race, a Kimchi master cooking classes and the Kimchi show awards.

It is not just the kimchi that is on point. Some of the most famous Gwangju street food will be also on show. Tteok-galbi (grilled short rib patties) are a must try, or sink your teeth into sangchu twigim (fried food in lettuce wraps). Of course, paired with Korea’s national dish you can’t go wrong.

If you pay a visit to South Korea this October, make sure to stop by Gwangju and this incredible festival. From classes on how to make different types of kimchi to art shows based around this nation’s specialty, you’re spoilt for choice on things to do. We’re sure you’ll have a great time!

If that isn’t enough to feed your cravings, check out our kimchi recipe!

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