The Inspire Me Korea food quiz!

Many of our Inspire Me Korea readers are enthusiastic about Korean food, so we put together a fun food quiz for you to try! How much do you think you know about food in Korea? See how many correct answers you can get in our food quiz!

1.Chicken is a very popular fast food in Korea, but how many chicken restaurants do you think there are?

(a) about 1000  (b) about 5000 (c) about 10,000 (d) about 50,000

2.Lots of Korean families own a kimchi refrigerator – true or false?

3. Soju is a familiar drink in Korea, but it didn’t originate there. What country do you think it came from?

(a) Japan (b) India (c) China (d) America

4. If you invite an important person to dinner, how many side dishes do you think you should serve?

(a) 1   (b) 2  (c) 3  (d) 4 (e)  5 or more

5. How many different types of kimchi are there?

(a) 500 (b) 250 (c) 100 (d) 50 (e) 10

6. A street food question! If you buy an egg bun, there will be egg inside. But what is inside a carp bun (bungeo-ppang)?

7. People in Korea sometimes mix 2 types of noodles – true or false?

8. ‘Sundae’ might sound like an icecream, but in Korea it means something else. What do you think it is?

(a) a blood sausage made with intestines (b) a sweet dessert made with milk (c) a savoury dish made on Sundays (d) a type of spicy noodle

9. Koreans eat crepes too. True or false?

How did you perform in our food quiz? 🙂 Check out your rating according to the number of questions you answered correctly!

0-3: K-pop rookie, 4-6: First time music show winner, 7-9:Top class pro-idol

Correct answers: 1(d), true – the low temperature is ideal for kimchi fermentation!, 3(c),  4(e) the number of side dishes is a status symbol so try to serve more than 5 for important guests!, 5(b), 6. Generally a sweet filling like sweetened red bean, and not actually fish! 7. True – an example would be mixing japagetti and buldak noodles with their seasonings to get that sweet and spicy taste! 8(a)-this type of sausage is a popular street food, and usually has noodles, pork and rice mixed in too. 9. True-buckwheat pancakes (memil-buchimgae) are prepared thinly like crepes. They can also be used to wrap a filling. Delicious!

Louisa Lee

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