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5 Korean Street Foods To Eat Alone

Traditionally, it was common in Korea to eat in pairs or in groups and eating alone was considered odd. Now, eating alone has become a trend among the younger generations known as ‘혼밥’ (honbap). So, if you find yourself travelling solo to Korea, you won’t feel out of place! Here’s a list of our 5 favourite street foods which we think are better enjoyed by yourself than in a pair or group.

1. 떡꼬치 – Spicy rice cakes on a skewer

©Tteokbokki, Inspire me Korea, 14.08.2017,

This is a slight variation of the famous street food ‘떡볶이’ (tteokbokki), which you’ve probably seen people in K-Dramas eat all the time! One of Korea’s more spicy foods, this snack is a chewy but delicious rice cake covered in a spicy red sauce known as ‘고추장’, which contains fermented soybeans and red chillies, making it savoury, sweet and spicy altogether! The only difference between the 떡볶이 and the 떡꼬치 is that the latter attaches several of these delicious rice cakes onto a skewer, making it great to eat by yourself on the go!

2. 튀김 – Fried snacks

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What we love about this food is that it combines several yummy ingredients together and is then deep fried in a tasty batter! These ingredients can be anything from squid, sweet potatoes or eggs. You should also probably bear in mind that finding 튀김 outside of Korea is near impossible, so take the chance to eat some while you’re there.

3. 오뎅 – Fish-cake skewers

©fish cake, Inspire me Korea, 14.06.2017,

Probably one of the cheapest foods you can buy from a street vendor are these fishcake skewers. At only 500 won a stick, they’re a great way to have a nutritious meal on a budget. And since they’re so cheap, you won’t feel guilty about enjoying 2, 3 or more! Just remember to keep the empty skewers which the stall keeper will count when you’ve finished.

4. 호떡 – Korean Doughnut

©Hotteok, Inspire me Korea, 14.06.2017,

Savoury foods aren’t the only thing you can get from street vendors – there are many sweet treats available too! Sometimes known as the Korean sweet pancake or doughnut, many people often gather to watch this delicious snack being made. We think they’re too good to share, which is why it’s great to eat them while alone!

5. 감자 핫도그 – Potato Hot Dog

We left the most bizarre yet brilliant street food until last. The Koreans are known for their fusion foods, and this is a great example! As the name suggests, a corn dog is fried, then covered with french fries, and then fried again! Although it’s not exactly healthy, it’s hard to resist the temptation of trying it. And when you’re alone, you can eat one of these shamelessly and not worry about other people watching!

Hopefully this list has given you an insight into some of the amazing foods on offer at Korean street food stalls. Doesn’t looking at all that food make you curious to try it?

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