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5 Korean Foods That Will Make You Feel Strong Like A Superhero!

Have you been lacking energy lately, or perhaps unable to get through the day without a nap? Well, have no fear! Korean food is to the rescue! You’ve probably read about the health benefits of Korean food, but may be unsure as to which ones you should try. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best quintessentially Korean foods which will make you feel strong again!

1. 김치 – Kimchi

Image Source: © lydiana, 22.07.17,

Image Source: © lydiana, 22.07.17,

There’s a reason why this food is national dish of Korea! Kimchi is spicy cabbage that has been fermented and goes with basically anything. The reason why it’s so good for you is because its packed with vitamin K, which is crucial in boosting concentration levels. Not only that, but it also helps relieve headaches and is said to get rid of hangovers as well.

2. 콩국수 – Soy Milk Noodle Soup

This healthy meal is perfect on a hot summer’s day. What we love about this soup is that it’ll make you feel full without being too heavy. The soy milk broth doesn’t contain any lactose, a sugar which can leave some of us feeling ill and sluggish.

3. 가지나물 – Aubergine/Eggplant

Image Source: © greekfood-tamystika, 22.07.17,

Image Source: © greekfood-tamystika, 22.07.17,

You’ll probably see this 반찬 (side dish) at any Korean restaurant, but this one is particularly nutritious. Why? Because it’s full of fibre which is good for your digestive system. As well as this, they contain plenty of antioxidants as well so bear this in mind next time you go out for Korean food with friends!

4. 생채 – Radish Salad

Another popular 반찬 is the radish salad, which is also beneficial for your health. Although they’re quite small, eating enough of them will give you the vitamin C that you need to fight off a whole range of illnesses. 생채 is usually covered in sesame seeds as well, which contain a lot of copper which is essential for the survival of the human body.

Now that you’ve read this list, why not try and have one of these foods yourself? Changing your diet is often key in making your body feel stronger, so you should definitely consider adding a Korean twist to your meals.

5. 김밥 – Kimbap

Image Source: © Inspire Me Korea, 22.07.17,

Image Source: © Inspire Me Korea, 22.07.17,

Otherwise known as Korea’s answer to sushi, this food is commonly found in street stalls. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for you! Besides the fact that they are filled with vegetables, the Korean style seaweed wrapping is actually what makes this classic so healthy. The seaweed is absolutely brimming with calcium, which is important for your bones and muscles.

Featured Image Source: © Inspire Me Korea, 22.07.17,

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