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4 Wacky Korean Foods You Have to Try!

If you’re a foodie like us and want to taste something completely different, then look no further! We’ve come up with a list of foods & dishes that are not only exclusively Korean, but also things that everyday citizens love to eat. Enjoy!

  1. 도토리묵 – Acorn Jelly

This is particularly popular in mountainous areas, where acorns are plentiful. In the past when famine was widespread, the locals discovered that the starch in acorns could be eaten, which resulted in this jelly. Today it is a side dish at a traditional Korean dinner table.

  1. 번데기 – Silkworm Larvae

Yes, you read that correctly! Commonly sold by street vendors in Seoul, silkworm larvae are boiled and seasoned to make them a tasty snack on the go. They’re not for everyone, but you should really give them a try if you visit Korea.

  1. 해장– ‘Hangover Soup’

Made out of pork spine, coagulated ox blood and vegetables, this soup is often ordered from restaurants in Korea the day after a wild party. The ingredients may not sound appetising, but we’ve been told it works!

  1. 게장 – Raw Crab

If you ever visit a fish market in Korea, you’ll probably see lots of crabs all tied together. Surprisingly, they’re not cooked but instead seasoned and eaten raw.

We hope you’re inspired by our list and that you’ll enjoy all the food Korea has to offer when you visit!

Natalie Mierswa

Writer and dreamer. German mind, American heart and Asian soul. Member of Kim Jongdae Appreciation Society and proud donator to the Park Jimin Jams Fund.



  • PB
    5 years ago

    The worm one perturbs me greatly but I’d still love to try it. I wonder how they make acorn jelly it sounds good! But oh my O-o , they put ox blood in a soup (´・_・`). That’s a bit scary XD . I bet it serves its purpose wwonderfull though.

  • Char
    5 years ago

    도토리묵 really is tasty!!

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