FESTIVE Language Guide

Hey readers! This month, our language guide is all about fireworks and celebrations during the FESTIVE season! Let’s get started.


그래서 Geu-lae-seo = therefore, so
밤 bam = night
불꽃놀이 bul-got-nol-i = firework
하다 ha-da = to do

밤에 불꽃놀이를 했어요.
Bam-e bul-got-nol-i-leul haess-eo-yo.
At night they did/we did/I did a firework display.

음악 eum-ak = music
음악을 틀다 eum-ak-eul teul-da = to play / turn on music
춤 chum = dance
춤을 추다 chum-eul chu-da = to dance

음악을 틀고 춤을 췄어요.
Eum-ak-eul teul-go chum-eul cheoss-eo-yo.
We played music and danced.


도시 do-si = city
곳곳 got-got = here and there, everywhere

도시 곳곳에서 불꽃놀이를 했어요.
Do-si got-gos-e-seo bul-got-nol-i-leul haess-eo-yo.
Everywhere in the city, there were fireworks.


살다 Sal-da = to live
동네 dong-nae = neighborhood
-도 -do = also, too
소리 so-ri = sound
엄청 eom-cheong = extremely
크다 keu-da = to be big

🙉제가 사는 동네에서도 불꽃놀이를 했는데 소리가 엄청 컸어요.
Je-ga sa-neun dong-ne-e-seo-do bul-got-nol-i-leul haess-neun-de so-ri-ga eom-cheong keoss-eo-yo.
In my neighborhood too, they did a firework display and the sound was really loud.


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