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Best mountains for a hike

Hiking is a popular recreational activity for local people in South Korea. It’s not too surprising given that there are many mountains! Going on a hike is a fun way to keep fit, and there are often free outdoor gyms around parks too. Autumn is a good season for hiking, the temperature is just right – not too hot or cold! Four of the city’s guardian mountains are Bukhansan, Naksan, Namsan and Inwangsan. Read on for more information!


Bukhansan has different trails that you can follow, depending on your hiking experience. It’s one of the most famous mountain landscapes for hiking, so it can be quite busy. Beautiful views will await you when you reach the summit!


© Bukhansan mountain. Heungsoon. 15.07.2017. Pixabay website

Image source: Pixabay


This mountain looks like a camel-hump and consists of solid granite bedrock. Naksan was designated as a park in 2002 and is located in the centre of Seoul, making it easily accessible and offering beautiful views of the entire city – no matter whether it is day or night!

Naksan park

© Naksan Park. Official Korea Tourism Organisation. 15.07.2017. Visit Korea website.

Image source: © Visit Korea


Gyeonju’s Namsan offers something different that just a hike; you can explore temples and shrines across the vast network of trails that run through the park. It’s like an open-air museum! If you like the idea of exploring some history as well as marvelling at scenic views, Namsan would be a good choice.


© Castle Forsythia Namsan. mire_dragon. 15.07.2017. Pixabay website

Image source: Pixabay


Inwangsan is ideal for a leisurely stroll if you are looking for a shorter hike. You can see some famous landmarks from here, such as the N-Seoul Tower and Han river. The ancient castle walls of Seoul can be found in Inwangsan, which makes it an interesting place to visit.


© Tom Bricker. 14.02.2015. Travel Caffeine website

Image source: © Travel Caffeine

Featured image: © Inspire Me Korea. 15.07.2017.

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