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Best Cafes in TRENDY Garosugil ft. Joan Keem | TOUR KOREA EP7

TOUR KOREA SERIES brought to you by Inspire Me Korea:
This episode we show you a few of our favourite things to do in Garosugil, with countless beautiful cafes to choose from, you will never go wrong if you’re looking for a trendy spot to sit and relax!

This series introduces you to different places in Korea!
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Diana Chan

CEO and chief magazine editor. An explorer, creator and do-er. Can easily be found marathon-ing a K-drama. No spoilers please.



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  • It is the month of LOVE! How are you LOVING YOURSELF this month? We show you some fun places in Insadong area, and really wanted to show you this part on the top floor of Ssamzigil where you can leave a LOVE STAMP. Follow us to Insadong and discover what the fun and unique things are to do here~ ! 😍 YouTube: Inspire Me Korea
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  • If you could swap wardrobes with one of the members of #BLACKPINK who would it be? πŸ’‹πŸ‘