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Korea’s Holy Grail Product – The BB Cushion – December

Contrary to popular belief, Korea neither created the BB Cream nor the foundation cushion. The former, also known as Blemish Balm, was developed in Germany in the 1950s by dermatologist Dr.Christine Schrammek, and the latter created over a decade ago by the American company, Amlay.

In 2007, Korean company, AmorePacific, began to research and develop a product that would combine both of these awesome inventions and produce one of Asia’s top-selling makeup products, breaking numerous records in the process. This product would go on to be known as  “The Holy Grail” of Korean beauty – enter the BB Cushion!

A lot has been said about the BB Cushion, both good and bad. Some say it’s unthinkable to omit it in your beauty routine, while others say that it should never have been created. So, we have put together a list of five pros and cons of the Korean BB Cushion to help you decide for yourselves whether this product is the golden ticket, or just another product of hype.


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– Travel-Friendly: The BB Cushion compact is so easy to carry out and about, that you can easily fit it in your bag or even a jacket pocket; awesome for touch-ups when you’re out at…well…anywhere.

– Quick & Easy: Applying BB cream has never been simpler; it’s definitely a plus for those who live fast and work hard, for those of you who always want to look your best, or for those who are always late for a class. No rush – no worries.

– SPF (Sun Protection Factor): Korean BB Cushions (or BB creams in general) almost always have a high SPF. This is a massive pro. (We’ll have none of those UV rays damaging our skin, thank you very much!)

 – Perfect Dewy No-Makeup Look: The no-makeup look is highly sought-after these days with so much emphasis placed on natural beauty. For those who love the dewy baby-faced look, then this is probably for you. However, if you’re all matte and no fuss, then just add a little powder.  Too easy~

– Light Hydrating Coverage: BB Cream’s design for the BB Cushion was never meant to be a foundation, but rather a multi-tasking product that included tinted light moisturiser, SPF, anti-ageing serum, primer, and more. Because of this, it has light coverage that is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist touch and aren’t looking to cover up major skin problems.



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– Bacteria: Dark, enclosed compacts are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which make cushions a no-so-glamorous concern. Reapplying that BB cushion again brings with it the potential risk of applying bacteria to your face as well. This can be lessened by replacing your cushion once a month. It’s also advised to follow the method of cleansing (with a cleanser or makeup wipe) and reapplying all of your makeup instead of doing frequent touch-ups.

– Price: BB Cushions tend to be on the pricier side which does make it harder for everyone to enjoy this product. Like anything else, there are top-end brands and cheaper middle-class brands, however, you do get what you pay for.

– Limited Shades: Korean BB Cushions were, in fact, created for Koreans. Depending on your skin colour and tone, finding a shade of BB that is right for you might be difficult or impossible for the moment.

– Availability: For those of us who love to shop online, this isn’t an issue, but for those who prefer in-store shopping then it can be tricky to find a store that sells them. It can also be a problem if you live somewhere outside of international shipping zones.

– Light Coverage: Some of us may have need of, or simply prefer slightly heavier coverage than a BB Cushion allows. Due to the way this product is designed, achieving this coverage is very difficult. On the bright side, there are always Korean foundations to turn to.


What are your thoughts on the Korean BB Cushion, is it a hit or miss?

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If the pros were enough to win you over, then take a glance at some of Korea’s top BB Cushions below!

– Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion: One of the top products in Korea of this type; it is rather pricey, but the results when using this product speak for themselves!

– Laneige Skin Veil Base Cushion SPF 14 PA++: A popular cushion prized for its SPF rating as well as its great results.

– Dear, Klair’s Mochi BB Cushion: A BB Cushion that is as fantastic as it is cute. Klair’s are renowned for their gentle products; perfect for every skin type~

Did the cons dissuade you? Here are some alternative Korean products to look into!

– Innisfree Forest For Men Handsome BB Cream: Men’s makeup is swiftly becoming more and more popular in Asia, and the Innisfree Forest Handsome BB Cream is among the top products of its kind, so if there are any guys out there looking, this product is perfect for you.

– Atomy BB Cream SPF30/PA++: Perfect for both normal and dry skin types; this popular BB Cream is one of the most famous in Korea.

– TONYMOLY Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream: This product is designed with colour change capsules that are meant to help it blend well into any skin tone. It’s also said to be perfect for those with sensitive skin.

– Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit #W24 Honey Beige: Coming in three different shades of beige to help it blend with any skin tone, this is one of Korea’s most popular brands of BB Cream.

All of these products are perfect ways to get a similar look without having to use a BB Cushion.

So what are your thoughts on the Korean BB Cushion? Is it your “Holy Grail” product? Or are you among those who think it’s a miss? Let us know! You can find us on all of our social media~




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