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Korean Spas: What To Expect At A Jjimjilbang

Korean spas, otherwise known as Jjimjilbangs (찜질방), are an integral part of Korean culture. If you’re looking to take some time out to relax on your trip, or are seeking something to do on a rainy day, why not head to a spa, unwind and get some well deserved rest.

1. Wearing your birthday suit

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way you could ever sit around naked with a bunch of strangers. Rest assured, being in the buff at a spa is considered completely natural. Once you’ve dipped your toe in, it’s easier to embrace it and release those inhibitions!

2. Saunas & Baths

Once you’re past the awkwardness of being in the buff, you can start to really enjoy all of what the Korean spa has to offer. Usually there are a number of different baths varying in temperature both outdoors and indoors. There are also saunas which are more gently heated compared to the West.

3. Sleeping Rooms

If the thought of being naked is just too much to handle, then fear not – you can still enjoy the Korean spa experience by taking a nap in a jjimjilbang by wearing a pair of comfy spa clothes which are given to you – they’re just like pyjamas.  These rooms are open 24/7, so they’re a great place to stay overnight if you are looking for budget accommodation.

4. Food

Feeling a bit peckish? There are also a number of spa favourites for you to tuck into. Bingsu and sweet sikye (a traditional fermented rice drink) are usually on the menu. Most well known perhaps though, are the eggs, which have been steamed in the saunas.


Image source: ©Wellness massage, nnoeki, 13.09.2018,

Spas to visit:

Spa Land Centum City, Busan
Luxury at its finest. Spa Land is based in the world’s largest department store.
Ideal for anyone who is looking for grandeur during their spa experience, and at an affordable price.

Heosimcheong, Busan
No-frills. The biggest spa in Asia offers a proper scrub down.
Ideal for those who want a purely traditional Korean spa experience.

DragonHill Spa, Seoul
Eight floors worth of spa-goodness. It even has its own movie theatre!
Ideal for anyone who wants everything there is to offer.

Siloam Sauna, Seoul
Sources high-quality Geranium water from 300m underground.
Ideal for travellers who want to stop off for the night on a long layover at Seoul Station.


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Featured image: ©sauna, 05.09.2018,

Faye Broadbent

안녕! In love with Korea. I appreciate a well made cup of tea and cute stationery.



  • Natalia
    2 weeks ago

    I have a question regarding Spas and Bathhouses, etc, in Korea. What’s the policy regarding tattoes? How do I know if I can go to a place and I won’t be kicked out because I have tattooes on my body?

    • Hoony
      7 days ago

      Hi ! My name is Hoony and i’m a reader from Korea 🙂
      I think I can answer your questions because I’m addicted to Spa since i was little lol
      It doesn’t matter if you have tattooes on your body. Just few places is restricted to people who have tattooes.
      But no worries! You can go almost every Spas because there’re much more Spas that don’t have the policy!
      Plus if you have a big tattoo or many tattooes, people in the spa might stare at you T-T

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