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Beauty Comparison: Why We Prefer Korean to Western

The Beauty Industry is bigger now than it has ever been before, products from all over the world are becoming more readily available. People are starting to take notice of products from other countries. Taiwan, Korea, India, Australia, Africa, and Vietnam are just a few countries whose skincare products have been rising up to be a contender with the European and American beauty industries. Korea, in particular, has been taking the world by storm. Many people swear by Korean brands, however, on the other hand, many people also think Korean products are just gimmicks to be laughed at. Like who would ever put snail secretion on their face? Turns out the answer is a lot of people, us included XD

All the hype that Korean skincare is getting leaves many with the question, “Which is better?” “Korean or Western?” This isn’t something that we can answer for you because beauty and skincare is a personal romance between you and yourself. Your results and experience will depend on your skin and what makes it happy ūüôā

Before we start explaining why we love K-Beauty so much, let’s take a very brief and abridged look at the history of the world’s beauty scene.

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© Classic lady VOGUE KOREA,  VOGUE Co., 2.01.2018,

History of Beauty

During the 1700s & 1800s South Africa, America, Europe, and Asia had the right idea. Roots, berries, flowers, snake venom, lard, nut oils, honey, vinegars, wax, witch hazel, barks, charcoal, and many other natural resources were used as ingredients for skincare and make-up. Unfortunately, as time went on the world began to include dangerous and harmful components in some of its beauty products, such as arsenic and lead, The inclusion of these ingredients was particularly popular during the 19th century but was put to a stop during the late 20th century. Thank goodness!

Although skincare has for a long time been used by many, make-up was only commonly used by royalty and the very wealthy…or the people of slightly less than moral standing, at least as far as the times were concerned. Many people¬†abhorred the use of make-up altogether because it was seen as religiously and morally unacceptable. Things have certainly changed since then and as make-up has become more and more widely used globally make-up styles around the world have varied greatly based on what¬†culture allows. During the late 20th century in Korea simple beauty was the latest fad. People wanted the purest and most genuine form of natural beauty.

Though the East has continued to use mostly natural resources for their beauty products, the West has unfortunately strayed from this, although lately, this is changing and as Eastern and Korean beauty in particular gains more and more popularity, the West is taking notes. We are now managing to get back to our original path by using the wonderful things that nature has to offer our skin:D Just a much more technologically advanced version of it. With much more in-depth knowledge of¬†what’s what!

All in all, it is clear that beauty has been an important part of the global culture for a long time and probably always will be.

© Heize VOGUE KOREA photoshoot, VOGUE Co., 2.01.2018,

© Heize VOGUE KOREA photoshoot, VOGUE Co., 2.01.2018,

Why Do We And Many Others Prefer K-Skincare?

As you might expect, this being InspireMeKorea, our personal beauty preferences are the Korean styles and brands. It is of course perfectly fine if you disagree with us, but these are some of the reasons why we love it so much!

  • Korea is not afraid to use oils in their skincare. Growing up in the West we were told to keep oils away from our faces! But oils are essential to our skin, and should not be left out of our daily routines.
  • They know the complete and utter importance of good body exfoliation. Before we used Korean skincare…we never exfoliated anything but our faces.
  • Korea takes their ‘No Animal Testing’ to a whole new level.
  • Very conscious of the planet and often use things like soy ink to print on their packaging and packages that are 100% biodegradable.
  • The free system is massive! It’s not strange to see products with labels saying ‘ 3 free system’ or ‘5 free system’. Meaning that the product will be free of some or all of the following. Parabens, artificial colouring, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, imdazolidinyl urea.
  • Products that are created purely for people with super super sensitive skin, or even with skin conditions.
  • The creative use of products from nature.
  • Fun and creative packaging that makes it all more exciting!
  • Culturally¬†it’s unacceptable for creators of products to not put their absolute everything into a product. When they sell their products or brand they know very well that they are representing the whole nation.
  • Variety! There is something designed for everyone of all ages. (From babies to elders.)
  • They are extremely sun smart when it comes to their cosmetics.
  • Brand reliability. If you use a brand and it works well with your skin, chances are that pretty much every one of their products is for you.
© Classic lady VOGUE photoshoot, VOGUE Co., 2.01. 2018,

© Classic lady VOGUE photoshoot, VOGUE Co., 2.01. 2018,


As we stated before, beauty is a personal experience, there are many factors that will affect your point of view. It is important that you find out what your skin type is to help you ascertain what kind of skin products you should be using. Furthermore, it is also important to remember that what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you because everyone is different. Try different products till you find what works for your skin type, or go and see a dermatologist and get them to help you know what your skin needs!

In conclusion to everything we stated above, it is impossible to say which is better for any given person. It is clear though, that the innovation and quality of the Korean Beauty Industry have set a standard that many other countries have noticed and are now striving for.

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Never Tried Korean Beauty Products?

If you have never used Korean skincare or beauty products before but you would like to see what all the fuss is about. We recommend you try something as simple as a sheet mask to begin with. These work well and leave your face feeling amazing every time. They can easily be found online and are inexpensive as well, brands like Innisfree, Tony Moly, Etude House, Skinfood, Nature Republic, Papa Recipe, SCINIC, and Klair’s are all excellent. We even¬†have a specially selected seven-day mask set along with some other fun masks available on our online store. If you are interested you can check it out here.

We also have some great articles giving information on some of our favourite Korean Beauty brands, products, trends, and styles, if you are interested, you can check them out here.

Whether you use Korean products, or Western products, or perhaps a mix of both. If it works for you, and you like it, then you do you! That’s the beauty of beauty!

 What is your preference? Which is better? Korean or Western? Which country has the best skin care? 

Featured Image Source:  © Heize VOGUE KOREA photoshoot, VOGUE Co., 2.01.2018,

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