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Beauty Brand of the Month: October

Korean people have been looking after their skin since ancient times. Korean cosmetics date all the way back to Chosun era, the Three Kingdoms of Korea, and the Goryeo Dynasty. Back then, cosmetics and makeup products had minimal ingredients, most of which had healthy properties and benefits for the skin (No chemicals and nasties were involved.) This month’s Beauty Brand has similar values, with the catchphrase…

Simple but enough.

Our Beaty Brand of the Month for October is…

© dear Klairs Logo, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

© dear Klairs Logo, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

Klairs was established in 2009, but their real story began in 2010 when the creator of Wishcompany, (A Korean cosmetic distribution and marketing company) and current Klairs CEO, Ryan Soungho Park discovered Klairs.

Through his company, he personally tested and curated the best of the best of Korean beauty and skincare products. He had started to notice how the industry had become convoluted with products that cared more about being flashy and complex, than about the customer’s needs.

This is when he discovered Klairs, who’s mild products were perfect for sensitive skin. Using his company, Mr. Park brought Klairs to the public, and through word of mouth, they have grown steadily to now be one of the most famous and popular brands in South Korea.

© Klairs' Rich Moist Facial Soap, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

© Klairs’ Rich Moist Facial Soap, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

Klairs’ Threefold Philosophy

No harsh ingredients:

Klairs promise to use only the most effective, necessary raw ingredients. All of which have passed safety measures in a research lab specializing in dermatologist level skincare. This is to ensure their products do not contain irritants for sensitive skin, that means no alcohol, no parabens, no artificial fragrances, and no colourants.

No animal testing:

Since its creation in 2009, Klairs has never used animals to test its products. They are even involved in efforts to end animal testing as a thing, permanently.

High quality, reasonable prices:

As Klairs promotes itself through word of mouth, rather than expensive PR and marketing, they can keep their costs low…which means savings for the customer as well. They are dedicated to bringing the highest quality products at prices that are reasonable and fair.

© Klairs' Gentle Black Cleansing Range, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

© Klairs’ Gentle Black Cleansing Range, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

Klairs products range from cleansing to moisture to soothing to calming. “Simple but enough.”, “Basic but ultimate.”, “Mild but powerful.”  All of which contain the highest quality ingredients.

One of Klairs’ most popular products is their Rich Moist Soothing Range and in particular their Rich Moist Soothing Cream.

© Klairs' Rich Moist Soothing Range, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

© Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing Range, Klairs, 4.10.2017,

All of the Klairs products are 100% made in Korea.

Klairs have stores open all around the world, however, if there isn’t a Klairs store near you then you can order online.

Klairs is definitely one of our favourite brands here at Inspire Me Korea. If you ever have the chance we definitely recommend you try their products. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information about Klairs and their products, please check out their Klairs cosmetics website.


Featured Image Source: © Klairs Ingredients, Klairs, 4.10.2017,



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