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Be Inspired: A Guide to Korean Christmas Gifts

Want to share your love of Korea this Christmas, or simply find a gift that’s truly unique? We’re riding the hallyu Christmas sleigh this year, so if you’re struggling for ideas – don’t worry, you’re just in luck! Our gift list is here to help inspire and to find the perfect Christmas present for friends and family.

Gifts for Mum

  • Korean Tea set
    Traditional teas are still widely consumed in Korea and with the winter months settling in, there’s nothing better to cosy up with. If you’re in need of another gift to complement your tea, tea sets are also a great addition.
  • Traditional Jewelry Box
    Now here’s something really special. Korean jewelry boxes are well-crafted and beautiful to behold. Ornately decorated with traditional designs, they are crafted from mother of pearl which makes it shimmer in different colours in the light. It makes a really great keepsake, and it’s practical too!

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Gifts for Dad

  • Hangeul Tie
    Something which dads can wear for work or even a special occasion. It’s smart, classy and fun.
  • Makgeolli or Soju
    If you’ve eaten at a Korean restaurant, you may have noticed these alcoholic drinks. Soju is Korea’s number-one selling liquor and comes in different fruity flavours! If your dad prefers wine though, try makgeolli instead. This rice wine has a slightly fizzy yet milky texture and is traditionally enjoyed on a rainy day.

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Gifts for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

  • Dojang (Korean traditional seal)
    Want to make things personal? Translate your loved one’s name into hangeul and get a dojang (traditional Korean stamp). This thoughtful little gift is bound to leave a lasting impression.
  • Korean snacks
    Christmas is a time for indulgence, but if you want to trade those mince pies and candy canes for something unique, then Korean snacks are a great option! Especially good for someone who is adventurous and likes to try new things.

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Brothers & Sisters

  • Phone Cases
    If you’ve seen what the streets of Hongdae have to offer, you’ll know that the phone case game is strong in Korea. Choosing from hundreds of designs means you can give something that truly stands out and shines.
  • Stationery
    The range of choice is enough to give any stationery addict a dizzy spell. The best part is that stationery is cheap, so fill up those Christmas stockings! Whether you’re after cute pens, notebooks or stickers, there’s something for everyone.

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  • Character Socks
    At just 1,000 won a pair, socks are an absolute steal. Nab a pair featuring your friend’s favourite idols and you’re guaranteed to put smiles on faces. The beauty about socks is that there are SO many designs – from Pokemon and Gudetama, to Ghibli and Disney. Korea has it all.
  • Korean Cosmetics
    Who doesn’t love a pamper session? From serums and essences, to facemasks and snail products – there’s something for everyone! Once you’ve shared the gift of a dewy complexion, you’ll be forever in the good books.

    Image source: © Inspire Me Korea Beauty, Inspire Me Korea, 04.03.2017,

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안녕! In love with Korea. I appreciate a well made cup of tea and cute stationery.



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