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A Romantic Guide to Namsan Tower

Chosen as the backdrop to many k-drama love stories, Namsan Tower, also known as Seoul Tower, is one of the city’s most romantic landmarks, and certainly its most iconic. The telecommunication and radio station is located at the top of Namsan mountain which stands in the middle of Seoul and can be seen from a great distance. Its striking location is one of deep-green canopies framing scraping peaks across the skyline, and the entirety of Seoul in miniature form. At night, the tower is further brought to life with colour which lends itself to a stunning location. For all this, Namsan tower is a place of both innate and sculpted beauty; one that should be the first on any list intended to impress your significant other. If you’re visiting Korea’s capital this February, our romantic guide to Namsan tower is exactly what you need and if you happen to be adventuring solo, then consider it a romanticism of a different kind as there’s much to love about Namsan and its bottomless charm. Read on to find out more.

Take the cable car:

Whether it’s by shuttle bus, cable car or even by foot, there are a few different ways to get to Namsan Tower. However, to fully embrace the romantic experience of Namsan we recommend taking a cable car up – famously used as the set for pivotal k-drama moments. If you want to reach the top with your hair and make-up intact for some cute couple photos, this might be the option for you, as the climb is rather arduous. Be sure to arrive early as you might wait as much as 30 minutes for the cable car queue if you arrive in the afternoon.

Go for a romantic stroll:

Whether it’s an afternoon of well-deserved self-care or a romantic evening for two, a slow ascent by foot is by no means a terrible thing and has much to offer for the adventurous and the energetic. What the cable car saves you in energy, it also takes away in the form of many perspectives that are offered as you climb the mountain by foot. There are vantage points on many sides from which you can see the different parts of the city. Each of these spots is perfect for a variety of memorable photos – each with their own incredible backdrop. Be sure to bring water and stay hydrated. The climb is an easy to intermediate 1km climb and by no means exhausting if you take your time.

Soak up the view:

After a romantic walk or cable car ride up, it’s time to be blown away by the panoramic views of Seoul. You can still get some great views from the bottom, but for the main event, it’s worth going to the observatory. We advise that you make plenty of time to get there for sunset. You’ll get incredible views and of course, the most ‘instagrammable’ pictures that Seoul affords to those willing to make the journey.

©Namsan Tower, 05.12.12, Song Y Yoon

Hang up a love lock

Love is in the air and no trip to Namsan Tower would be complete without a moment’s appreciation for the innumerous lovelocks placed as a gesture of commitment withstanding time. Hundreds upon hundreds of colourful locks with lovers names adorn the tower walkway – many with heartfelt messages that would inspire warmth in anyone. Unsurprisingly, this has become the perfect setting for music videos, k-dramas and films. So don’t be shy, make your love eternal and leave your mark at this famous site.

©lovelocks, 05.12.12, Song Y Yoon


It’s not hard to see why this landmark has become a popular setting for K-dramas. Here are some of K-drama’s finest moments, filmed right here at Namsan Tower:

  1. Boys Over Flowers (2009)
    Perhaps one of the most iconic k-drama scenes to be filmed at Namsan Tower. In the midst of Winter, Geum Jan-Di and Goo Jun-Pyo go on a date, but the gate closes and they find themselves stuck. In an attempt to keep warm, their only option is to snuggle and to stay overnight in a cable car.
  2. Oh My Ghostess (2015)
    Kang Sun-Woo and Na Bong-sun take the cable car in Oh My Ghostess. This is where Bong-sun plucks up the courage to tell Sun-woo that she is possessed by a ghost, and that it’s not her he has actually fallen in love with.
  3. My Love from the Star (2013)
    Who could forget Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon? In another dating scene, the couple are filmed with the colourful wall of lovelocks as their backdrop.

Useful tips:

  • The queue for ticketing at Namsan mountain is quite crowded by midday. Try to come early to beat the crowds.
  • Tickets for the observatory are 10,000 won for adults and 8000 won for children.


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Featured image: ©Namsan Tower, 05.12.2018, Song Y Yoon

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