A Relaxing Sunday in Seoul

Seoul is known for being busy and is filled with unique activities and exciting places, but for those who’d like to take things slow for a day we’ve put together an itinerary for a Relaxing Sunday in Seoul!



 중고책 거리를 탐험하고 청계천에 가보세요 | Explore Second Hand Book Street and Cheonggyecheon Stream

©동대문 중고 책 거리, 08.09.2018, Inspire Me Korea

After a considerable sleep in, we begin our relaxing Sunday in Seoul by visiting the secondhand book alleys of Dongdaemun (동대문).

As much as we love spending hours in classic bookstores, there’s something about the open streets filled with pre-owned books that enchants us. Here, books aren’t bound by the conventional laws of bookstores; instead, they’re piled into haphazard stacks where they tower over people soaking up all the energy of these pre-loved books.

And once you’ve had your fill of literary gems, you can visit the nearby Cheonggyecheon Stream (청계천) – a ‘nature oasis’ that runs though the very heart of Seoul’s busy metropolitan landscape!

©동대문, Photo by Farrel Nobel, 08.09.2018,


⃝ 카페에서 슬로우 푸드를 먹어보세요 | Eating ‘Slow Food’ at a Cafe 

©쿡앤북, 08.09.2018, Inspire Me Korea

Next, we grab something to eat, and where better to rest up than a cafe? Seoul is famous for its many unique cafes, from the Insta-worthy Style Nanda Hotel and animal-themed cafes to traditional tea houses in Hanok Villages.

But for our lazy Sunday we settle for a cosy cafe, opting for comfort over aesthetic surroundings and exciting themes. One cafe that we find especially perfect for relaxing in is Cook and Book (쿡앤북), a vegan cafe that follows the slow food trend – originally an Italian concept, slow food aims to promote traditional home-cooked cuisine over the more convenient fast food!

©쿡앤북, 07.09.2018, Inspire Me Korea


밤 시장에 가보세요 | Go to a Night Market

©밤 시장, 08.09.2018, Inspire Me Korea


Lastly, we’ll finish our relaxing day by having a leisurely evening in one of Seoul’s many night markets. Places such as 동대문 (Dongdaemun), 명동 (Myeongdong) and 남대문 (Namdaemun) are known for their amazing night markets – the most famous being 밤 도깨비시장 (Goblin Night Market) in Myeongdong.

Here, you can explore the nearby sights, buy handcrafted items from local artists, eat delicious snacks and street food prepared by aspiring chefs and, best of all, experience Seoul’s enchanting night culture!

Featured image: ©IMK Travel Guide, 11.09.2018,


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