A Call to Action by ‘One Day Thought’

One Day Thought?

Founded in January of 2017, One Day Thought (herein acronymed as ODT) is a creative social venture with the aim of filling the world with positive energy. It is their belief, as it is ours, that we do not determine the value, the nature, or the potential of another human being by the colour of their skin. To mark the beginning of a new year, we want to shine a light on this same message and to help share positivity and understanding. The message that ODT carries has the potential to educate those who currently subscribe to a harmful ideology, to empower others to use their voices for social change and to further educate others, to nurture greater empathy and communication between divided sections of society, and to grow compassion where it is most needed.

Thus far, they have applied their efforts to a broad spectrum of social issues; since their inception, ODT has reached out to youth groups struggling with the pressures of education, to mothers who strain under the daily commitments of motherhood as they embark on new beginnings, and to Korea’s diverse scope of ethnicities in an effort to combat their plight and the discrimination that they face.

“We share positive energy.”

It began as the impassioned project of Korean-based singer-songwriter, Jin of Haze Moon – along with his close friend, and has since become a much larger undertaking moving forward with more than just hope – but with a determination in their effort to heal a divided society through the arts. Channelling his passion for music, Jin has drawn from his strengths and utilizes music as a vehicle to drive change through music-based performance, creative exhibitions and a series of effective social campaigns.


Image Source: ©ODT, 02-11-18, Courtesy of Haze Moon


What does ODT do?

ODT has, since their inception, participated in myriad successful projects to spread their message of positivity and encouragement. During May 2017, ODT attended the 2nd edition of the Seoul Africa Festival, celebrating diversity and the cultural wealth that has travelled with African expatriates to Korea – which has since flourished, enriching the palette of Seoul’s vibrant community. Three months later, they brought that same brand of healing to an entirely different environment. It’s no secret that the Korean educational model is rigorous and demands a great deal of sacrifice from Korean youths; many, if not most of whom struggle under the pressures of expectation – the expectation to not only succeed but to excel in order to make it in an intensely competitive working culture. In August of 2017, ODT organized a Healing Talk Concert for students titled “It’s Ok, I’ve Been Through It, Too.”

“When the lights go out, the colors of our skin cease to be relevant, and we see that our beauty comes from who we are as individuals.”

In the past year, ODT has continued to deliver ever more of that same ethos that makes them both exceptional and worthy of a praise that ought to be shouted from rooftops. Their powerful movement has harnessed the energy of youth groups and cultural minorities who find themselves in difficulty. In January, they launched the Lights Out project; An anti-racism concert built on the support of various artists from a variety of genres and backgrounds, all sharing their passion for change.

The second Lights Out concert, a mini-concert hosted by Haze Moon titled ‘Love, Thanks and Happiness’ was held in May 2018, and since then, three more Lights Out concerts have been held in an effort to relegate racism to the annals of history. They most recently appeared at the Startup Street Festival in September and continue to build upon their successes.


“We’re just trying to see the world from different angles.”


Image Source: ©Sam Okyere, 07-11-18, Courtesy of Haze Moon


“Our mission is to make the world a place where people do not judge the value of one another based on the color of their skin.”


Image Source: ©SameColorInside, 02-11-18, Courtesy of Haze Moon


Globalization has allowed us to fill our respective countries with a wealth of culture – and so the world now demands that we recognize and respect those with whom we share this planet. Be a part of that change, and add your collective voice to ours. Share the gift of inspiration with friends and family through our CULTURE boxes, with which we aim to share understanding and appreciation for different cultures, and to inspire a better world. Find out more on how you can subscribe, or gift a subscription, to receive your own monthly inspiration on our website.

It brings us great pride to shine a light on the work of Haze Moon and One Day Thought. We wish them the greatest success and we praise them for the incredible work that they do.

You can support and find out more about ODT’s activities and mission through their Instagram: @odt.seoul

Featured image: ©ODT Concert, 02-11-18, Courtesy of Haze Moon

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