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6 Romantic Places to Visit in Seoul

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often start to think of sweet ways to treat our significant other. If you’re lucky enough to be in Seoul this year, then here are some beautiful and romantic places to visit on this special day!


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Yeouido Hangang Park   여의도한강공원

This park is a large recreational area, which is located on Yeouido 여의도 Island, central Seoul. This park is divided into theme-based sections, such as:

  • Traditional Korean Forest
  • Grass Square
  • Culture Square
  • Nature’s Eco-System Forest

With an array of events and performances happening in the Culture Square, this is the perfect location for a picnic in the daytime, or a romantic stroll at night.


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Cheonggyecheon Stream   청계천

This stream stretches as far as 10.9km, with a beautiful recreational area surrounding it. The displays and decoration changes, based on the time of year and seasons; we expect this space to be decorated with a Valentine’s theme.  This popular destination is always lit with soothing lights and the Seoul skyscrapers in the background. It’s extremely picturesque, and the gentle sounds of the water will put you at ease. Keep an eye-out for the waterfall!

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Ihwa Mural Village   이화 벽화마을

This small artsy mural is located in Hyewha혜화, and is a great place to take pictures, view paintings and installations from over 70 artists.

So why not have a bite to eat at the raccoon café located by? This location is great, as Seoul fortress wall and Naksan Park are close by. Enjoy the view of the city, as a perfect ending.

Stay at a Themed Hotel

Why not make your night more interesting, with a themed hotel. We know exactly how popular themed cafes are, so imagine being able to spend the night in a giant, soju 소주 shaped bed? Or even a giant bowl of ramyeon라면 .


©Namsan Tower, 20.01.2017,

Namsan Tower/N Seoul Tower  N서울타워

Last but definitely not least, we have the classic romantic hot-spot, which is Namsan Tower. We’d recommend visiting at night, as you can take a cable car up to the very top, whilst overlooking Seoul.  Once you get to the top, why not visit the gift shop, and buy a padlock? You and your significant other can write an adorable message that can be left at Namsan forever!

Lastly, enter the observation tower, and get a wide scale view of Seoul at night.

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