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5 Hidden Gems in South Korea!

From the balmy weather to the abundance of festivals taking place all over the country, we think that autumn is the best time to visit South Korea. If you’re interested in a getaway to this unique country this season, or at any other time in the year, then why not go off the beaten track? To save you hours of searching for things to do, we’ve come up with a list of places to go which you may not have even thought of!

1. Ilhwa Art Village

Love art but sick of going to museums or galleries to see it? At the Ilhwa Art Village, located in the Jongno district, you’ll be able to experience art all around you with the bright and colourful murals at almost every corner! And if you want to make a day trip of it, there are some cafes and gift shops dotted around the village as well.

2. Dongmyo Flea Market

If you’re on a tight budget but you still want to do lots of shopping on your trip, then this market is the place for you. Visited by K-Pop star G-Dragon, Dongmyo Flea Market has everything from second hand clothes to old paintings and antique furniture. You’ll probably have to hunt for a while to find what you want, but with everything so affordably priced we think it’s worth it!

3. University Neighbourhoods, Seodaemun

You might be surprised why this is on the list. In South Korea, and particularly in Seodaemun, the area that a certain university can be found in reflects the culture and personality of that university. If you like cute cafes and chic boutiques, then pay a visit to Ehwa Women’s University’s neighbourhood. But if you’re a night owl and would rather experience the bright neon lights, then Yonsei University’s neighbourhood is better for you.

4. Yongma Land

Ever wanted to visit a site for K-Pop music videos and photoshoots, or wanted to enjoy a theme park without all the crowds and queues? Yongma Land does both! Lying on the outskirts of Seoul is an abandoned theme park. Although you may be charged a small entrance fee of 5,000 won by the custodians, it is yours to explore once you enter. K-Pop group Crayon filmed their MV here and GOT7 & IU had photoshoots here too!

5. Goseong Unification Observatory

One of the few places where you can see North Korea with your very own eyes is this observatory. Found in the most northerly part of the DMZ, you will be able to see the the mountain peaks of North Korea from the binoculars on the viewing deck. 

We hope that this list has made you excited about visiting Korea and if we’ve missed anything out that you think is definitely worth a visit, let us know in the comments below!

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Natalie Mierswa

Writer and dreamer. German mind, American heart and Asian soul. Member of Kim Jongdae Appreciation Society and proud donator to the Park Jimin Jams Fund.



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