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10 Things You Can Only Buy In Korea

Whether you’re a big spender, or looking to get rid of those final bits of change at the end of your trip – our top 10 list of things you can only buy in Korea will give you some great ideas for a unique souvenir or present.

1. Funky Socks

Korea’s sock game is strong, and at just 1,000 won a pair your drawers will be transformed into an incredible collection. From Pokemon and Gudetama, to Ghibli and Disney; whatever you’re into, Korea offers some showstopping character socks which are bound to grab everyone’s attention. Gotta catch ’em all…


©Pokemon Socks, Faye Broadbent, 15.05.2018,


2. K-beauty Cosmetics

Did you know that there are 10 steps in the Korean skincare regime? Both men and women take their complexion very seriously, which means even high street cosmetics shops have some great value products! From serums and essences, to facemasks and BB cushions, I urge you to stock up. Once you’ve mastered that dewy glass skin look, there’s no going back to a bar of soap.

© Inspire Me Korea Beauty, Inspire Me Korea, 04.03.2017,


3. Couple Clothing

Forget friendship bracelets and lockets, Korea takes couple and friendship clothing to a whole new level! Rock matching t-shirts with your loved one, or cute accessories like rucksacks and shoes.

©couple clothing, 31.05.2018,


4. Hanbok

What better souvenir to remind you of your trip than buying Korea’s traditional dress? If you’re worried that it would just end up hanging in your wardrobe like your old prom dress, then purchase a modern variation of the hanbok so you can enjoy it everyday!

©Hanbok, Faye Broadbent, 29.05.2018,


5. Soju & Makgeolli

If you’ve eaten at a Korean restaurant, you may have recovered from quite a hangover after drinking soju or makgeolli. Soju comes in a ton of different flavours, which makes it a really fun gift! Both are much cheaper, so make sure to bring some back for your pals.

©Soju, 29.05.2018,


6. K-pop Goodies

I can hear you k-pop fans screaming right now at the thought of some fresh fan merch! Head to Seoul and pick up some goodies and show the world your bias with t-shirts, key rings, socks or stickers – there’s something for everyone.

Kpop Is Life Tshirt, Inspire Me Korea, 04.03.2017,


7. Phone Cases

You’ve arrived in the home of Samsung, so when it comes to phone cases, there’s an incredible amount of choice! With so many cute designs to choose from, you’ll end up buying a new phone case every week.

©phone cases, 29.05.2018,


8. Ramen

We all love some good snacks to nosh on and share with friends, so make sure to pick up Korea’s go-to fast food, ramen. There’s a range of flavours with varying levels of heat but if you think you’re tough enough, push the boat out and try some fire noodles – the spiciest noodles on the market!

©Snacks, 31.05.2018,


9. Traditional Embroidery

Korean traditional embroidery is a not as popular as it once was, but you can still get hold of some beautifully crafted gifts. Elegant designs featuring flowers can be found on purses, bags, mirrors and even glasses cases.  Look at these super adorable baby socks – all the feels!

©Snacks, 31.05.2018,


10. Stationery

Do you have a million notepads which are still blank? Pens that don’t work but you keep anyway because they look cute? Welcome to Korea stationery addicts – you’re in the perfect place to obsess over pens, pencil cases, stickers and more, all of which are guaranteed to give you your stationery fix.

©Notebook, 16.03.2018,


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Faye Broadbent

안녕! In love with Korea. I appreciate a well made cup of tea and cute stationery.



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