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Couple Date Course in Seoul | 서울에서 데이트 코스

Dating and couple culture can vary depending on where you live, as well as how you personally prefer to spend time with your significant other, and over the years, various trends have shaped the Korean dating scene creating a variety of ‘couple activities’ that most people practise. 

An important part of Korean couple culture is the concept of date courses; these are essentially days of planned couple activities that create bonding and memory-making experiences.

Read on to discover our essential date ideas and couple hotspots in Seoul; we’ll help you to navigate Korean dating culture so you can be inspired to replicate and plan your very own Korean-style date course.

Shopping for Couple Outfits

함께 커플 옷를 살 까료?

©Couple Shirts, 04.12.2018,

Although it might not be for everyone, a core part of Korea’s dating culture is, to the dismay of singles everywhere, couple outfits – these can range from something simple like shirts and accessories to rings and matching phone-cases that visibly show the world that you’re in a relationship.

Culture Fact: Rather than celebrating milestones by year, it’s more common for couples in Korea to celebrate their hundred day anniversary – on these occasions couples either buy, or go to workshops and make for each other couple rings – although only the very intense and lovey-dovey couples celebrate their every hundred day anniversary, the most common ones are 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 day anniversaries. 

©Clothes, 11.11.12,

Since couple outfits have grown in popularity, ‘shopping dates’ are no longer seen as a mundane and lazy date idea but rather a thoughtful one that gives couples time to get to know each other and an opportunity to share your status with the world.

A familiar sight in Seoul are couples walking hand in hand, dressed in different styles of matching outfits, exploring the many unique department stores and small shops in areas such as Ewha Women’s University Fashion Street in Seodaemun, Apgujeong Rodeo Street (압구정 로데오 거리) and Sinsadong Garosugil (신사동 가로수길) in Gangnam as well as markets in Dongdaemun, Myeongdong and Namdaemun.

Travel Together for Cute Photo shoots

함께 여행하고 사진을 찍지 위 할까요?

©Style Nada Pink Hotel, 11.11.12,

Once you have your couple outfits, what better way to show off to the world that you’re dating than to travel together and have mini photo shoots at different attractions and cafes?

There are many unique places to travel to in and around Seoul, all of which would make an amazing date – but for those who want especially cute and Insta-worthy photographs, there are some essential iconic locations to snap the perfect couple photo.

The majority of these ‘couple photoshoot’ hotspots are themed cafes – of which Seoul has many – where couples can relax with each other while they enjoy unique snacks, take aesthetic photos and, most importantly, make special memories with one another.

©Style Nada Pink Hotel, 11.11.12,

A popular couple hotspot is the Style Nanda Pink Hotel. Located in Myeongdong, this five storey pastel pink giant is home to plenty of fun photo-ops – from the retro-themed Pink Pool Cafe to the flagship store and rooftop sitting area.

Other popular themed cafes include the Meerkat Cafe, Hello Kitty Cafe and Thanks Nature Cafe in Hongdae, Ddong Cafe (똥카페) in Insadong, Banana Tree in Gangnam and Cha-Teul (차 마시는 뜰) and BooksCooks (북스쿡스) in Jongno.

Exploring Unique Places

함께 재미있는 장소에 여행할 까요?

©Petit France, 05.12.2018,

Although it might sound simple, things like travelling to famous attractions and wandering around unique places are extremely popular activities in Korean date courses – especially for couples who want to make special memories.

One must-visit couple hotspot is Petit France (쁘띠 프랑스). Located just outside Seoul, this European styled village is an amazing location where couples can take unique photos as well as experience French cuisine and culture.

The village is centred around the concept of ‘Flowers, Stars and The Little Prince’, making it a romantic and beautiful place to visit.

©Nami Island, 05.12.2018,

Near Petit France lies Namiseom (남이섬), a crescent moon-shaped island known for its tree-lined roads and natural beauty. Here, couples can walk through nature, feed peacocks and ostriches, admire the colourful exhibits and take scenic photos among the flowers, sculptures and forests.

Fun Fact: Petit France was one of the filming locations for My Love From The Star (2013). Likewise, Nami Island was used for the iconic romantic dramas Winter Sonata (2002), High School King and Rosy Lovers (2014).

©Clover Flowershop Hongdae, 08.02.2019, inspiremekorea

Other locations that are popular among Korean couples are art galleries and museums – and Seoul has many on offer, such as the Seoul Art Museum in Jung-gu, the unique ARARIO Museum and National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Jungno-gu. Here, couples can spend hours strolling hand-in-hand as they admire the interesting art exhibits and participate in various creative workshops.

©Photo Curtesy of Travel Oriented from Flickr, 05.12,2018,

Other art-inspired couple hotspots include Ihwa Mural Village (이화 벽화마을), an extremely popular neighbourhood located on a steep hill overlooking Seoul city where both couples, groups of friends and travellers pilgrimage to for aesthetic photos, and Buam-dong (부암동), a neighbourhood that was once home to many poets, writers and artists and has now become a popular area full of cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

Once the sun sets, Seoul City transforms – offering the most stunningly simple attractions, one of our favourites being the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (동대문디자인플라자).

©DDP, 11.11.12,

To make it even more special, as it starts getting darker, the area around the Design Plaza lights up with artificial LED roses. All 25,550 of these flowers were originally a part of a temporary exhibition in 2015 that celebrated the country’s 70 years of independence, but since then it’s become a permanent exhibition that’s extremely popular among couples.

©DDP, 11.11.12,

To make it even more special, as it starts getting darker the area around the Design Plaza lights up

Sing Duets at a Noraebang

함께 노래방에서 노래할 까요?

©Noraebang, 11.11.12,

Finally, to finish off a date course, there’s one last activity that almost all Korean couples do that never fails to bring them closer – and that’s none other than singing together at a noraebang (노래방).

노래방 can be found almost anywhere in Seoul, and some will be more expensive than others depending on which neighbourhood you’re in, but no matter which one you go to you’re guaranteed to have a good time, especially if you don’t hold back and sing your heart out.

Whether you and your partner are good singers or can’t hold a tune, at 노래방 no one judges and no one cares how loud you scream the lyrics to your favourite K-Pop songs and romantic ballads. Both fun and stress-relieving, singing at 노래방 is the best way to end a long and romantic day of shopping, photo shoots and travelling with your loved one.

Must-Try Couple Songs: BABE by Hyuna, GOOD BYE by Hong Jin Young, Love Song by Danpyunsun and the Sailors, Maria by Kim Ah Joong, 너에게 난 나에게 넌 by Jatanpung, Really Really by WINNER, BBoom BBoom by MOMOLAND and Love Scenario by iKON

Feature Image Source: ©Photo submitted by Suhyeon Choi, 10.12.2018, instagram | unsplash

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