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VIEW – K-SPOTLIGHT (Music Special)

Looking for some new music? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place! This time, for our K-SPOTLIGHT music special, we are reviewing and recommending music by singer-songwriter VIEW, who debuted this year! Although she is just starting her career, she already has some good tracks released. Read on for our review, including track recommendations from her debut EP ‘Dear Heart’. We hope that our readers will like music from this artist!

If you missed our interview with VIEW and Jade Key (CEO/producer/composer) of start-up label Jade Key Music, then click here to go back and read it!


Creating something new – combining electronic dance with R&B

One of the main reasons that music by VIEW seemed interesting to us, is that she and Jade Key brought together elements from their key strengths and musical interests (namely R&B and electronic dance music) and created something a little different in the music scene. We will have to wait and see how her style will develop within this remit in the future, but for now, what we’ve heard sounds promising.

VIEW’s vocals are light but adept, and she does well when playing with rhythms especially; it was what we were most impressed by. It surprised us that these vocals fit with futuristic sounds quite seamlessly. With this type of vocal, it can be a danger that the production will overshadow the qualities of the voice, so it is something that the team need to be aware of when making tracks.

It was a complete coincidence that we stumbled upon VIEW’s soundcloud page, but we are happy to have been able to listen to some good music and write about VIEW at the beginnings of her career in music 🙂


Music review and track recommendations

Before we discuss music from the EP, we wanted to start by recommending ‘Take it Away’. This was the first single and we liked it a lot!

Take it away

© VIEW and Jade Key Music. 17.08.2017.


Regular readers of IMK’s music articles will know that Korean music releases over the last few months have been saturated with tropical house. From K-pop to K-indie, this genre seemed to seep everywhere. However, when it is done right, as is the case with VIEW’s ‘Take it away,’ it can become a GREAT type of song to listen to. As you might have guessed from the ‘hot pink’ swirls on the cover, this is an EDM/tropical house track suited for the summer.

‘Take it away’ was written during VIEW and Jade’s time at the Record Factory academy, with the help of Mute who was involved in mixing and mastering (you might recognise his name as being associated with the ChillWithus crew – he works with Nieah whom we also featured previously). What we especially like about this track is that the production complements and balances VIEW’s soft voice. When the instrumentals build towards being high energy, she doesn’t compete with that, instead these isolated sections become welcome breaks in the song. We are allowed to appreciate the vocals, the melodic line, and the instrumentals this way.

It was interesting to learn that VIEW felt that ideas for the melody of ‘Take it away’ came very naturally. We think that it shows because this is one of her best. It is just a smart piece of songwriting, and ‘Take it away’ is actually the first song that prompted us to seek out the rest of VIEW’s music! This one is highly recommended!


‘Dear Heart’ is the name of VIEW’s debut EP. We particularly recommend the tracks ‘Can’t sleep’ and ‘Everything Faded’ – they stood out for us!

© VIEW and Jade Key Music. 17.08.2017.

© VIEW and Jade Key Music. 17.08.2017.


Can’t sleep

This track feels like it is the most polished on the EP, possessing an infectious pulsing beat and futuristic sound. We really liked the glistening electronic notes that are interspersed between vocal phrases, and the playfulness of the rhythms in this track. VIEW does shine a lot when she does her up-tempo work and there is a good balance achieved between slower verses and the faster bridging parts and breaks. Overall this was fun to listen to!

Everything faded

This song feels like it errs more on the side of R&B with scaled back electronica, which works well in keeping with the mood. The bass line catches our attention at once, and sweeps the song forward in places. The rise builds a little to a soft chorus. ‘Everything faded’ can even be played in the background, it’s gentle and dreamlike.


You can also listen to the remaining 2 tracks; appreciate the mellow atmosphere of ‘Lovers’, and the dreamy dance track ‘Sweet Life’ which would fit in with a music setlist from a club with its high energy drop. Check them out on VIEW’s soundcloud page.

Concluding remarks

VIEW is a new artist but has managed to put together several songs in a short time. Having an EP is a substantial achievement, and we congratulate her and the team at Jade Key Music for that. We think that the first single strikes us as being very replayable, and the EP is a competent introduction to VIEW’s music.

There is a constant flow on this EP (it doesn’t veer too much from a central line), so it would be interesting to see whether other points on the spectrum from this artist will be explored in the future. Developing and showcasing more diversity would be of benefit in a creative sense. We look forward to listening to what is to come! There is potential in this artist and the combination of R&B, hiphop and electronic dance music.

How to support VIEW

© VIEW and Jade Key Music. 17.08.2017.

The best way to support VIEW is to buy or stream her music – you can purchase ‘Take it away’ and songs from the ‘Dear Heart’ EP via iTunes (click on the highlighted words to be redirected). These tracks are also available to stream on Apple music.

Follow VIEW’s activities and get a taster of her music with the following official links:

Official Facebook:

Soundcloud page:


Featured image and in-article images: © VIEW and Jade Key Music. 17.08.2017. All images were either provided directly by the artist or reproduced from official social media channels.

© VIEW music review. 24.08.2017. Inspire Me Korea.

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