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UZA – K-SPOTLIGHT (Music Special)

We are going to talk about UZA’s music in this part of the K-SPOTLIGHT! UZA is mainly an electronic musician and singer-songwriter, but has done some acoustic tracks in the past and also likes to make covers now and then. She performs live gigs regularly, and it lately it seems like her musical career is really starting to take off! UZA has a personality in which she throws herself into what she is doing, and isn’t afraid to try different things, work with different people or explore a range of opportunities. This is why we chose to write about her!

UZA has settled on electronic music now, and we think that this was a great decision, because her boundless energy can be utilised in so many ways with this genre. Electronic dance music remains one of the most popular styles in Korea and this will give UZA many chances to perform on bigger stages. UZA actually gigs on a frequent basis, whether as part of a ‘Uzukon’ show (UZA with 2 other female artists – DyoN Joo and Unicorn), with Shane or as a solo artist on collaborative EDM nights. She works hard!

If you haven’t read our interview with UZA yet, then why not check it out? She talked to us about her music, how she likes to spend her day, good things to see in Korea and much more!
Support UZA by buying her music; you can purchase her single ‘Stuck’ through iTunes or Google Play. If you are in Korea, why not go and watch a live show by UZA? Keep a look out in Hongdae!
Image Source: © UZA. 13.10.16.

Image Source: © UZA. 13.10.16.

As a quick introduction to UZA, watch this video and you can see her bubbly personality come through!

(credit: 페이머스 Famus YouTube channel)


We are going to do things a little differently this time and will also focus on highlighting some of her performances that you can watch online!

But first, we will run through some of UZA’s most recent music and show you what she has to offer.


Music Recommendations

UZA has been working with an artist called Shane quite often and it seems like they are calling themselves ‘The Deal’ when they work together now. They do complement each other well with Shane’s deeper voice working with UZA’s mid-range. We discovered a deephouse track uploaded during May called ‘You’ on Soundcloud and it’s great! A very polished effort and it definitely would fit right into a club night setlist. It’s a strong track and really goes to show that UZA is on the right path pursuing this avenue of music. Highly recommended!


This was one of the first UZA songs that we heard. Luckily there is still a version that we can link to here! ‘Stuck’ roughly marks a transition point for UZA from her acoustic to electronic music. This is a laidback electronic song, which doesn’t incorporate too much by way of instrumentals (which is a good thing). She moves between some English and Korean without trouble, and it is a solid composition that suits her vocals. The other song on this digital single is the slower song Ciao’, which you can listen to here.

Image Source: © UZA. 30.03.17.

Image Source: © UZA. 30.03.17.

Performance recommendations

This is a video of UZA performing her electronic music – a song called ‘Suitable’. Her quirk is sitting down on the ground which we haven’t seen other artists do before! This song has ebbs and flows and allows her to demonstrate some powerful delivery.

(credit: young-ho Jeong YouTube channel)


소녀. 끝부분

We consider this early performance as one of UZA’s strongest acoustic efforts. It’s a nice song and she really enhances the atmosphere with the progression of the guitar throughout.

(credit: 홍낙현 YouTube channel)


Literary Girl

We are including ‘Literary Girl’ because UZA is proud of it and because it was written as a reassurance to her friend. You can clearly see her sitting on her favourite blanket in this video and putting the track together with her electronic equipment.

(credit: Wonpyo Kim YouTube channel)



UZA can also go into rock mode! Here she is at Club Freebird. We like her style here!

(credit: young-ho Jeong YouTube channel)


그대 그리다

Her voice also lends itself well to more traditional sounding music. She works together with 2 others to bring the audience this performance at Seoul Square which we enjoyed watching and listening to (credit: 홍낙현 YouTube channel).

Image Source: © UZA. 29.03.17.

Image Source: © UZA. 29.03.17.


Image Source: © UZA. 30.04.17.

Image Source: © UZA. 30.04.17.

Cover versions
Chainsmoker’s ‘Paris’

Yet another example of UZA working with Shane! UZA does a good job on this cover of ‘Paris’ and it’s feels like a refreshing take on the song with the addition of stronger house beats and slightly faster tempo in comparison to the original.

Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’

This is an older cover, which shows how far she has come. It’s simply a video of her and the guitar, playing a song that she likes. We like it too!

(credit: KeyUsound YouTube channel)


Concluding remarks

That brings us to the end of the music special, we hope you enjoyed the music and watching the wide range of genres that UZA has covered in her performances so far! We feel like we have followed her on an exploration of music, and that she has found and settled on a genre that she enjoys and can flourish with now. It has been free and gradual progression, and that fearless commitment to performing on stage has brought UZA very far! We think she will do well!


Social media

Follow UZA’s activities through her official social media links:




Featured image and in-article image source: © UZA. All images are from her official Facebook page or provided directly by the artist for use in this article. 10.06.2017.

© UZA music feature. Inspire Me Korea. 10.06.2017.

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