A Tribute to Kim Jonghyun

Kim Jonghyun once said; ‘Even though we can’t communicate using the same language, we use music instead‘, and those words have reigned true for many people around the world, including us.

Jonghyun brought so many people together with his music, both as a solo artist and member of SHINee. He helped those who were struggling and going through hard times by providing an escape – through music he offered sanctuary for those that were in pain.

When Kim Jonghyun left us all, on the 18th of December, a deep sorrow and emptiness followed. But, even though it’s difficult, we should all try to not let the sadness consume us, rather we should seek to fill the emptiness by remembering what made us love Jonghyun so much.

So we would love for you to join us in celebrating the music and life of Jonghyun by sharing with you our most beloved songs, performances, and moments of his.

– The Inspire Me Korea Team

©종휸2, 29.12.2017

©종휸2, 29.12.2017

Jonghyun debuted in 2008, when he was eighteen years old, with the other members of SHINee and since then, both together and separately, they have made significant impacts on the Korean music industry.

Music Videos

©종휸2, 29.12.2017, shinee.smtown

©종휸2, 29.12.2017, shinee.smtown

All of SHINee’s and Jonghyun’s music videos are absolute gems to us, from Ring Ding Dong to She Is – they never fail to make us smile.  But a few that we are particularly fond of are:


Jonghyun’s voice is unbelievably amazing in this song and the visuals showed a different side of him that we hadn’t seen in SHINee!

[picked by Matthew, IMK Team]

1 of 1

Everything about this song, from the retro sounds to colourful suits, make us happy – it just makes our heart’s feel lighter!

[picked by Claudia, IMK Team]


An old but good one, hearing this song makes us smile and recall the days when everything was brighter.

[picked by Diana, IMK Team]

and Lucifer

It’s iconic styles and catchy tune never fail to make us get up and dance!

[picked by Robert, IMK Team]

Live Performances

©종휸10, 29.12.2017,

©종휸10, 29.12.2017,

Many idols looked up to Jonghyun for his astounding stage presence and never-ending charisma when performing, even if it was just him with a kazoo and a microphone – his talent for music was unmatched.

And although we could share dozens of Jonghyun’s performances, our personal favourites are:


Originally written by Jonghyun for EXO, we can’t help but feel that this song was made for him to sing.

[picked by Claudia, IMK Team]


We love everything about this performance, from the choreo to Jonghyun’s angelic voice – there really is no one else who could sing like him!

[picked by Patricia and Matthew, IMK Team]

She Is

Light and fun, this performance (and whole comeback) will never cease to amaze us!

[picked by Patricia, IMK Team]

Nothing Better

There truly was, for us, nothing better than this solo performance – every time we watch it we’re overcome with emotions.

[picked by Diana, IMK Team]


Words can’t describe how this song makes us feel, it’s somewhere between reminiscence and contentedness.

[picked by Claudia, IMK Team]

Even as apart of SHINee, Jonghyun’s vocals stood apart and reached out to us – we’d always anticipate hearing his unique voice!

Pretty much every single SHINee performance is gold for us, but the ones that are especially close to our hearts are:

누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)

Their debut song is a classic for us, and watching all five members still enjoying themselves, after being together for years, makes our hearts glad.

[picked by Sunny and Claudia, IMK Team]

Feel Good / 1 of 1

Feel Good has always been our go to song to, well, make us feel good – and the live version is even better than the studio!

[picked by Claudia, IMK Team]

Selene 6.23

This performance is especially dear to us. Jonghyun wrote this song for international fans who were far away from them – it is a deeply meaningful song for us and we think it was for him too.

[picked by Nikki, IMK Team]

Jonghyun’s Moments

©종휸 & 민호, 29.12.2017,

©종휸 & 민호, 29.12.2017,

If lifting our spirits through his music wasn’t enough, Jonghyun also never failed to make us happy with his humour and bright personality – so here are some Jonghyun moment’s that we think of and smile:

His Hello Baby Antics

It may take some time before we can re-watch every episode of SHINee’s Hello Baby, but we are still able to look back on the all the times Jonghyun made us laugh – whether it be chasing Yooguen for kisses, being chased by Yooguen or simply having fun with his members!

[picked by Patricia and Claudia, IMK Team]

Jonghyun’s Surprise Party

It warmed our hearts to see the members of SHINee come together to plan a surprise for Jonghyun – who’s reaction made us both happy and emotional!

[picked by Patricia, IMK Team]

Overall, the times and memories we all associate with Jonghyun are happy ones – whether it be his music, as a solo artist or member of SHINee, his many moments that made us laugh or just him, it’s all happy.

We’ll never know his true thoughts, but we feel we can say, with a great degree of confidence, that Jonghyun would never wish for the people he loved to crumble under the same pain and sadness that he did.

It’s okay to be sad and to cry, Jonghyun himself said;

‘Cry out loud once. Look at the mirror & shake it off. I’ve cried like that before & others will have times like that too. Cheer up, you’re not alone’

Thus, we should all do our best to get through whatever trials and aches this tragedy has given us. Let us continue to keep the memory of Jonghyun alive in our hearts – that way, he’ll live on forever.

Feature Image Source: ©Poet | Artist, 19.02.2018, Original Scan Inspire Me Korea

Claudia Deborah

[cries while listening to Ring Ding Dong]



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