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Top song covers by Korean artists!

Last year we were impressed by many song covers by Korean artists and this year is no exception! Once again we’ve compiled the best we’ve seen into one convenient list, so let us know what you think!


Jane Jang (장재인), GiantPink, PERC%NT – Dumb Dumb

To kick-start our list, we’ve chosen this cover of ‘Dumb Dumb’ (originally by Red Velvet), re-imagined and performed by artists from Mystic Entertainment as part of a collaboration project with SM Entertainment. The cover is completely different from the original, but we enjoyed the mix of vocal styles from Jane Jang and PERC%NT combined with the deep timbre of rapper GiantPink (she won Unpretty Rapstar series 3 in 2016). It’s a stylish and chilled remake, but a burst of brass brings the whole thing up a notch when required.

Gift – Nande mo nai ya

The Japanese animated movie-length drama ‘Your Name’ was well-received in Korea. One of the songs in the soundtrack is called ‘Nande mo nai ya’ and was covered very nicely by this indie band. This version is similar to the original, but the lead vocalist gives an earnest take on the song which made us listen to it even more. There are many covers of this song online but Gift’s version still warrants as the best to us!

Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher) – Secret Love Song

When it comes to girl groups, sometimes it can be difficult to stand out from the other members. Yoohyeon demonstrates her capable singing abilities by tackling Little Mix’s ‘Secret Love Song’ with the added difficulty of having to master the English lyrics. She does a masterful job on the choruses and reaches all the high notes as well as the parts that were sung by Jason Derulo in the original version. We were very impressed!


Jungkook (BTS) – 2U

For all you BTS fans out there, we’ve chosen a slow piano version of ‘2U’ for our list! Originally by David Guetta and Justin Bieber, we much prefer this one because it’s done so well. Jungkook’s emotional delivery makes this a highlight.


Amber Liu (F(x)) – One more light

Sad news of Chester Bennington’s death shook the music community this year. Amber of F(x) decided to cover Linkin Park’s ‘One more light’ with her friend Gen Neo which includes some beautiful harmonies. A touching version to listen to and a tribute to Linkin Park’s inimitable frontman.


The Koxx (칵스)- 4 chords melody

The Koxx are a band that you might not have heard of before. They take a light-hearted approach in creating a medley of Kpop songs in this video that feature the same 4 chords. Although their renditions aren’t vocally perfect, it’s fun to listen to them weave from one song to the next! How many songs do you recognise?


Taeyeon – My Funny Valentine

Taeyeon’s version of this song is sophisticated and smart. It is unusual to hear her tackle jazz but it definitely suits her! The English is impeccable too!


Dreamcatcher – Really Really

We already had WINNER’s ‘Really, Really’ feature on one of our Music Roundups so we think well of the original song, but some of the members of Dreamcatcher had a go at creating their own version this year. It even comes with its own video! Some of their own style is put into the song which is always a good thing.


Lee Bada – I am you, you are me

This ZICO song was a favourite of ours from last year so it took a lot to better it with a cover version, but Lee Bada has been an artist we’ve been keeping an eye on. She has an extra special vocal style which is demonstrated well with a stripped down version of ‘I am you, you are me’. She really makes the song her own. We really loved this!


Arran – Seven Years (Arran remix)

Arran is another artist who we have been following with interest. She’s a vocalist and topliner, but already doing so well on the Naver Musician league. A few months ago she uploaded this cover of ‘Seven years’ which is also a remix. This synth pop version widens the gap from the original and is a style that Arran is comfortable with.


Amber Liu (F(x)) – Still Loving You

Amber makes it a double on our list with this cover of a song by Sophiya which we weren’t familiar with. After hearing her voice here, it seems wasteful to have her as a rapper. We enjoyed this and recommend it highly.

Tablo x Taeyang – Eyes, nose, lips

Almost everyone will know this song by Taeyang, which has racked up millions of views. This cover by Tablo is several years old now, but we still go back to it. Tablo remains one of the best rap lyricists in South Korea and it really shows in this cover. Taeyang still sings for part of the song which gives us the best of both worlds!

Hyuna and Youna (Marmello) – DNA and Gashina

We are still waiting for Marmello to release a rock song which plays to their strengths, but until then Hyuna and Youna’s covers are entertaining to watch. Among their YouTube videos, we found an acoustic cover of ‘DNA’ by none other than BTS!


We were also fans of their cover of Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’ so we decided to also include it here! Another acoustic version with it’s own charm. We recommend it!

Did you enjoy these covers? Are there any we’ve missed from our second covers list? If so, let us know!

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Featured image source: © Mystic Entertainment. 09.04.2017. All rights reserved. Artist photograph of Jane Jang reproduced from Mystic Entertainment’s official Instagram.


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