Top 10 K-Music Chart: October

Since we can often feel a bit disheartened at what life throws our way, we decided that the perfect theme for month’s music chart is MOTIVATION!

So to motivate you all, we’ve put together our favourite songs that encourage us to study, work and that simply make us feel good about ourselves.


1. A-Yo – SHINee

From the same album as Lucifer comes SHINee’s motivational song A-Yo, which speaks about the struggles that young people may face, such as low grades or feeling like you have no one to talk to, and they tell us that ‘when things get tough’ to lean on them and let their music comfort you.

 A-Yo‘s melody is also very uplifting and when you watch all the members (with their unique 2011 styles) interact with each other throughout their performance it’s hard not to feel happy!


2NE1’s iconic I AM THE BEST  is marked in K-Pop history as one of the most confident songs of all time – with lyrics like ‘Whoever looks at me knows I’m fabulous, Alright?’ and ‘If we’re talking about my value, I’m a billion dollar baby’, it’s not difficult to see how it would empower and motivate anyone who listened to it!

3. Can’t Bring Me Down – EXO 

In Can’t Bring Me Down, featured on the repackaged EX’ACT album, EXO sing about having confidence in yourself and not letting other people get in the way of your personal growth.

Meant for both fans and EXO themselves, Can’t Bring Me Down motivates listeners to persevere in the face of opposition and to, with time, let go of the past.

4. Do What I feel – B.A.P

B.A.P’s Do What I Feel is all about believing in yourself and ‘jumping over obstacles’ until you accomplish your goals.

The song was originally meant to be the title track for their ‘Put’Em Up’ single and it’s not hard to see why – its catchy, extremely upbeat and is a motivational bop that tells you ‘You can do anything!’.

5. Q&A – Seventen ft. AILEE

Even though the boys from Seventeen are only studying to get a girlfriend, Q&A shows, in a very lighthearted way, how much energy and effort goes into preparing for exams and school tests by comparing it with the struggles of finding that ‘special someone’.

Q&A is simple but fun to listen to and would be an excellent addition to any studying playlists to keep you motivated!

6. I like You – GOT7

Before Just Right, GOT7 released a song called I Like You which focused on giving confidence about outward appearances, taught that everyone is special in their own way and reaffirmed the idea that you don’t have to fit into beauty standards in order to be beautiful.

I Like You has a laid-back, refreshing sound and the fact that it motivates listeners to promote body positivity and self confidence makes it an absolute gem~

7. Fly – Jessica ft. Fabolous

After leaving Girls Generation in 2014 to focus on her own music, Jessica finally made her solo debut in 2016 with her album ‘With Love, J’.

One of the songs that made a big impact on fans was Fly – a song that motivates listeners to overcome whatever trials or hardships they might be facing through it’s self-empowering lyrics and light melodies.

8. 2411 – Crush

Being one of his more personal songs on the Wonderlust album, in 2411 Crush, accompanied by a guitar, sings about his days before reaching fame – the exhaustion and the struggles that came hand in hand with his dreams.

2411 is easy to listen to and, when you look into the lyrics, you can understand the emotions Crush is trying to get across, and that is to not give up on your dreams no matter what trials may stand in the way of them.

9. Tomorrow – BTS

Like 2411, BTS’s Tomorrow details some of the member’s personal experiences and feelings as they grew up, suffered heartache, struggled to find work and endured many trials to make their dreams a reality.

With it’s powerful lyrics that, on some days, hit very close to home, Tomorrow motivates whoever listens to it to not give up and to wait for tomorrow – since it may be better than today.

10. Voice – Standing Egg

Lastly we’re wrapping up with a song that is almost too emotional and heartbreaking to be motivational, but there’s no way we couldn’t include Voice by Standing Egg!

The lyrics of the song speak of how difficult life can be but at the same time promotes the comforting thought that ‘someone’ will always be there to light the dark, hear your voice, catch you when you fall and be by your side.

If the song itself wasn’t giving off enough achey feelings, the music video that accompanies it shows the hardships of living with a physical impairment and abusive relatives, whilst at the same time saying that you don’t always have to struggle by yourself – there will always be someone to share your burden and help you to smile.

Like our top picks for October? Stay tuned for next month’s Top 10 K-Music Chart~!
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