Top 10 K-Music Chart: November!

As Korea transitions from the intense heat of summer into the cooler days of autumn, we feel like now is the best time to show you some of our favourite Korean songs that perfectly capture the feeling of autumn!


1. Monolove by Bye Bye Badman (바이바이배드맨)

To kick off this chart we’re starting with Monolove by Bye Bye Badman, who just happen to be one of our favourite players in the Korean indie-rock scene! The group has been making music since 2010 but since K-Pop is such a massive industry they’ve sadly slipped under many people’s radars – but not ours!

Monolove uses guitar strumming, rapid drumbeats and simple synths in order to keep a consistent, ‘feel good’ sound that we think captures the feeling of the very beginning of autumn – when it’s still warm and the days are filled with sunshine!

2. Autumn Letter by Solar

As apart of her fall album, Solar’s song Autumn Letter features the singer’s silky voice as it’s accompanied by Spanish styled guitar playing, which overall makes it a calm, soft sounding melody that can be enjoyed as you go about your day – whether it be resting at home, travelling to work or simply walking around the streets watching the leaves change colour!

3. Autumn Leaves by BTS

Next up is Autumn Leaves by BTS, also known as ‘Fallen Leaves’ and ‘Dead Leaves’. Singing about the fear that the person you love will eventually loose interest and fade away like the leaves in fall, this song holds a lot of emotion and feelings of desperation, loneliness and affection.

But even though the lyrics speak of potentially losing the person you love, Dead Leave’s cruise-y beat and beautiful vocals still make it a song that can motivate and comfort you as you watch the the leaves change and fall throughout the Autumn season!

4. wisdom & prayer by SLCHLD

If you’re an avid reader of our K-Spotlight articles then you’ll recognise SLCHLD from our interview with him back in October! Originally from Canada, SLCHLD is an up and coming R&B, Hip-hop and Soul artist who’s music we’ve absolutely fallen in love with (and we’re sure you will to).

Although we love all his songs, two of our favourites are wisdom and prayer – these two songs are very different from SLCHLD’s others and show a side deeper and more reflective of his music. We can imagine listening to this song whilst strolling through the tree lined streets of Sinsa (신사) or taking a healing hike in Dobongsan (도봉산).

5. Sometimes I Want To Hold You Like Crazy by Autumn Vacation

Next up is a song by Autumn Vacation, an indie duo consisting of Jung Bobby (from 언니네 이발관 or ‘Sisters Barbershop’ and Julia Hart) and Gyepi (from Broccoli, To You). The duo have been collaborating since 2009 and have many strong tracks, but we feel their song ‘Sometime’s I want to hold you like crazy’ captures our theme of autumn the best.

Bobby once described their music as being as peaceful and sentimental, giving listeners the feeling of walking through the park on a day with good weather – and those vibes are exactly what we get! This song is perfect if your surrounded by nature, and for us it makes us feel like we’re walking through the Deoksugung (덕수궁) Palace Wall.

6. Up Late by Sik-K

Currently working under Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone’s global label H1GHR Music, Sik-K is a former underground artist that produces lo-fi R&B music.

Sik-K has many awesome songs that you should check out, but for this month’s chart we think his track Up Late is the best match for ‘autumn vibes’. Up Late is a smooth, easy to listen to song that uses chilled out synths, tapping beats and bass that blend really well with the Sik-K’s voice and style.

7. Druken by 누메로 (Numero)

Drunken is probably one of Numero’s more popular songs, and it’s not difficult to see why! Drunken mixes hip-hop and electronic beats, whilst featuring acoustic guitar and Numero’s fluid and harmonic vocals – making it extremely easy and enjoyable to listen to.

This song makes us feel like we’re walking right under the red, orange and yellow trees of Seoul and we hope you’ll feel that way when you listen to this song too~

8. Jasmine by DPR LIVE

Working under the Dream Perfect Regime, DPR LIVE (or Hong Da-bin) is a rapper that debuted early this year. LIVE has released many great tracks this year but one particular song that gives off the atmosphere of autumn.

A bit on the slower, more chill side of hip-hop, Jasmine uses consistent, smooth sounds and melds it with LIVE’s raspy, deep voice and flawless rap – making it a fantastic addition to any playlist. This song is beyond relaxing to listen to and makes us think of the sparkling lights of the Lotte Tower reflecting on the Seok Chon (석촌) Lake!

9. About Time by DK 디셈버 (DK December)

Released this year, About Time is sung by DK (Han Dae-kyu) of the K-Pop duo December and is a soulful ballad that speaks of love and comfort in times of need.

About Time perfectly combines DK’s powerful voice with sweet, melancholic instrumentals which overall gives us big ‘autumn vibes’ – as well as makes us cry a bit.

10. You Are by GOT7

Finally the last song on our autumn themed music chart is, of course, You Are by GOT7! Being the title song for the groups ‘7 for 7’ comeback, You Are is a delicate song filled with powerful vocals, harmonisation and meaningful lyrics – which speak about feeling lost and confused, but finding a purpose and hope from friends and loved ones.

Listening to You Are reminds us of our favourite part of autumn in Korea – watching the hundreds of lanterns above the Cheonggyecheon Stream at the Seoul Lantern Festival! Seeing all the different colours and shapes fill the Seoul skyline truly makes for a beautiful sky~

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Featured Image Soruce: © 바이바이배드맨, 3.11.2017,

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    Oh I didn’t know this artist DPR LIVE, love it <3 He is my music now to work, lovely voice and songs.

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