Top 10 K-Music Chart: January!

2018 is here at last and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us – especially with music! So in order to get us all excited for what lies ahead, we’re travelling back into the past to share with you some of our favourite K-Pop songs from over the past few years.

Hope you enjoy reminiscing with us~!

1. Come Back Home (컴백홈) by Seo Taiji and Boys

What’s a ‘blast to the past’ K-music list without Seo Taiji and Boys? Nothing! That’s why we simply had to put the veteran group’s classic hit Come Back Home as our pick for number one!

Winner of the category MTV Asia at the 1996 MTV Music Awards, Come Back Home is based on Seo Taiji’s own personal experiences – within the lyrics the artist wanted to bring to light the oppression of Korean youths by society, their struggles and overall urged runaway teens, despite all the hardships they faced, to return home to their families.

Not only does Come Back Home represent an important message from that time, it also launched the genre of gangsta rap to, a still fairly conservative, South Korea – paving the way for future generations to express themselves with this kind of music.

2. SHINee – Sherlock 셜록 (Clue + Note)

Besides Ring Ding Dong (oh boy what a song), one of the most iconic SHINee songs and music videos, for us, is Sherlock 셜록 (Clue + Note). Everything about this song and it’s MV, from the upbeat melody and catchy lyrics to Key’s star shorts and Taemin’s long hair, is amazing.

And even though it was released six years ago, we never get tired of listening to it. Even the choreography is addictive, we can’t stop ourselves from dancing along.

P.S. if you want to see the members of SHINee perform a x3 speed version of Sherlock then click here – we’re sure it’ll make your day a bit brighter!

3. I Feel You by The Wonder Girls

Next is a girl group gem that came out three years ago – I Feel You by The Wonder Girls! This brilliant song gives us some serious 80’s vibes, and the MV doesn’t disappoint with it’s retro aesthetics.

Filled to the brim with upbeat synth and the perfect mix of the members’ raspy vocals, I Feel You is a sexy, fun and lighthearted bop that makes us want to dance no matter where we are –  whether we’re driving, at work or just by ourselves at home!

Especially performed live, this song never stops listeners from joining in and singing their hearts out!

4. Platonic Love by SNUPER

Another 80’s sounding song we adore is Platonic Love by SNUPER!

For this track, SNUPER blended soft melodies and awesome retro grooves by using synth, electric guitar and their brilliant vocals! The song’s concept, as you might guess from the title, is about a one-sided love and the struggles of being put in the friend-zone.

To top it all off, the music video for Platonic Love looks just as 80’s as the song sounds, featuring the boys dancing and playing around a retro rollerskating rink and diner!

5. Chained Up by VIXX

Next is a song that we can never get enough of; VIXX’s Chained Up! Full of smooth EDM sounds and the stunning harmonisation of the members voices, this song is a classic track that we can easily listen to three or four times in a row!

Not only is the song amazing, but the music video for Chained Up is also stunning – featuring the members in a variety of different suits (the black ones are our personal favourites…) in several different aesthetically pleasing settings, which have been the inspiration for a few other K-Pop artists music videos.

6. Growl (으르렁) by EXO

One of our favourite (all twelve) EXO songs is, and always will be, Growl. Everything about this song, from the bass and the staccato beats to the catchy lyrics, is completely addictive!

Each member has a moment to shine in this song and we love every second of it, from Chen’s unique vocals to Chanyeol’s iconic raps to when Sehun shines with his two lines – we adore it all! Plus the choreo performed in the music video is the cherry on top of the cake that is Growl.

7. All Night by LONG:D (Feat. Kim Doyeon)

Next up is All Night by Long:D! This song just barely made the cut, since it was only released in the middle of December last year, but we wouldn’t include it if we didn’t love it so much. Rather than make us look back over many years, this song lets us reflect on 2017 in particular.

All Night is an upbeat track that follows the ‘Pop Song’ trend that we heard a lot of in 2017 – but the sentimental duo LONG:D find a way of making their song sound lighter and fresher than their contemporaries, which makes listening to it even more enjoyable for us!

The song also features the beautiful voice of Kim Doyeon, also known as WEME, who debuted in the Produce 101 Season 2 girl group WEIKI MEKI.

8. In This Winter (이 겨울에) by DIVA

Next is a song that isn’t so recent. In 2000 the girl group Diva released their fourth album Naught Diva, and on that album were two hit songs, one of which has become a classic for us – and that is In This Winter!

Accompanied by the smooth sounds of a Spanish guitar, the members of Diva sing about having to say goodbye to the person they loved, despite still having feelings for them. Even though some member’s left the group during this time, Diva still grew popular with In This Winter and their other title track Up & Down (which is a close second to this song!).

At anytime of the day you can catch us grooving to this song and, trying our best, to sing along to the chorus!

9. Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤이야) by BEAST

Beautiful Night by BEAST is another song that can always get us up and out of our seats! From the groups 5th EP Midnight Sun, released in 2012, Beautiful Night is a face-paced song with a strong chorus filled with smooth beats and insanely good melodies that really get you hooked into the song!

And we think it’s worth mentioning how awesome the music video is – from skateboarding downtown to rooftop parties, the members of BEAST never fail to show us what having fun looks like.

10. Sober (맨정신) by BIGBANG

Finally, we’re ending on a song that both fills us with both excitement, reminiscence and a bit of sadness – and that song is, of course, SOBER by BIGBANG!

Released in 2015, this song quickly became an anthem track for many people – and it’s not difficult to see why! Besides the funky melody and constant upbeat sounds, what we especially loved about this song was the huge contrast between the lyrics and the music.

Anyone who listens to this song without looking up the lyrics or having an understanding of Korean might think the song is just about partying and having fun, much like the music video suggests, when in reality SOBER addresses various serious matters such as; greed in fame, failed friendships, the inability to stay sober and the existential dread that comes when you realise you’re getting older.

BIGBANG have always used their music to convey how they feel, and SOBER is no different. We will always love this song, not just because it sounds good, but because the members shared with us their deep struggles and insecurities – which, in turn, helped us voice our own!

Feature Image Source: ©맨정신, 04.01.2018, youtube

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