Top 10 K-Music Chart: Feburary!

Since love is in the air all around this month, we thought Feburary’s K-Music Chart theme should include some of our favourite Love songs – from sappy confessions to relationship tips!


1. second date by 슈가볼(sugarbowl)

First up is a song by sugarbowl, an indie-rock band that features frontman Ko Changin and other musicians. Although sugarbowl have many fantastic love themed songs, our favourite has to be second date!

Released in April last year, the music video for second date follows two people as they, you guessed it, meet up for their second date. But rather than singing about the perfect romantic day, the lyrics of the song detail how awkward and strange people feel when they like each-other but haven’t confessed their feeling yet.

Since dating can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, we appreciate what this song is saying – and when the lyrics are paired with Ko Changin’s beautiful voice, it’s hard not to love this semi-confession song!


2. Love Advice by OKDAL

Next is Love Advice by OKDAL, also known as Rooftop Moonlight! Since their debut in 2010, OKDAL have made many beautiful songs for different dramas, including Drinking Solo and Miss Korea! Made up of two members, Park Se-jin and Kim Yun-joo, OKDAL are known for their sweet sounding music and wise lyrics.

Love Advice revolves around a person who feels uneasy in their current relationship and who is constantly annoyed with the little things that their partner does. But throughout the song, OKDAL gently guide listeners to not be picky when it comes to love, singing that;

If you start being picky, no one will satisfy you. If you want love right now, keep your mind open…and show them who you are!


3. LADY by LambC

Another K-Indie song centred around love is LADY by LambC! Recorded for their third mini album, Absence Side C, LADY is a soft, sweet song that describes the struggles of someone falling in love with their friend.

The MV for LADY is a simple but sentimental video featuring the members of LambC playing their instruments and and merrily grooving to the song. The highlight of the LADY, for us, is the harmonisation and build up of the vocals which, when combined with the smooth music, is a relaxing musical experience!


4. Kingdom Come by Red Velvet

When Red Velvet released their Perfect Velvet album last year, everyone [including us!] went crazy over Peak-A-Boo. But for this month, we think Kingdom Come is a bit more up our alley.

Following a smooth R&B style, Kingdom Come is a easy-listening track that speaks about being in a dreamlike love. Displaying the ‘Velvet’ side of the group’s sound, Kingdom Come has sophisticated melodies and unmistakable beats that make it an absolute pleasure to listen to!


5. I love You by AKMU

Released in 2013, when Lee Soo Hyun was just fourteen and her brother Lee Chan Hyuk was sixteen, I Love You is a sweet and quirky song that reigned over Billboard’s K-Pop Top 10 for over three weeks!

Originally made for the drama All About My Romance, I Love You details the in’s and outs of falling in love and how it feels ‘bitter’ when its a one-sided love. The music video for I Love You features Lee Soo Hyun falling for her brother’s friend, played by actor Lee Hyun Woo (Moorim School and The Beauty Inside).

Overall this song is extremely catchy and we could listen to it, and watch the MV, over and over!


6. Can’t Help Myself by Eric Nam ft. LOCO

If you weren’t already in love with Eric Nam before, once you listen to his song Can’t Help Myself you’ll have a pretty hard time not falling for him!

Mixing Eric’s charm and charisma with catchy tropical beats, Can’t Help Myself is a brilliant example of a good confession song! And if the song wasn’t brilliant enough, the music video shows the playful singer messing about in front of the girl he likes – who (to us at least) looks an awful lot like a certain member of EXO!


7. Day 1 by K.will

Next is Day 1 by K.will, a ballad-y song detailing the one-sided love between a nice, but ‘average’ looking, guy and a young girl.

The music video, which K.will himself shows up in, follows a shy and nerdy young man (which is really just, the very handsome, Park Min Woo in glasses) as he stalks or conveniently runs into his crush, who seemingly never acknowledges his existence.

Day 1 is a sweet confession song that is littered with many cute and funny lyrics – our favourite one has to be;

Of all the good-looking guys, there’s not a single nice one…So I’m not that handsome, but I think I look cute when I smile.



From their last album, MADE, BIGBANG brought us an amazing and easy-to-listen-to love song called GIRLFRIEND. Sounding familiar to their older songs, GIRLFRIEND is consistent in both melodically and lyrically – speaking about how it truly feels to be in love.

And what makes this song even sweeter is knowing that BIGBANG member Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin (who have recently tied the knot!) were dating when this song was written – which gives even greater meaning to the romantic chorus;

Yes I have a girlfriend, and I’m never lonely. Just looking at her makes me happy. Yes you’re my girlfriend, you’re my one and only. I don’t wanna wake up from this dream of you.


9. Party XXO by GLAM

Next is track that is rather close to our hearts – GLAM‘s debut song Party XXO! Released in 2012, Party XXO is a groovy, upbeat song that hit’s you with the group’s unique style and sound straight away.

Besides the song’s addictive melody and the ‘Girls from Mars’ concept, what we love most about this PARTY XXO is its lyrics. Member’s Jiyeon and Zinni kick off the song with their raps, which include the lines ‘Can I kiss you baby girl‘ and ‘Are you a boy? Girl? I don’t care!’ which are very bold lyrics for a rookie group to use in their debut song – but it just makes us love GLAM even more!

Not only does Party XXO promote LGBTQ+ couples, it also supports female friendship – implying that girls don’t always need to be in opposition with each other over a guy. Overall, this song is an awesome dance track AND preaches a powerful message;

Anyone can be a Romeo… or Juliet!


10. 어떡하지 (What To Do) by VIXX

Lastly, we’re ending on a song that never fails to make us get up and dance; 어떡하지 (What to Do) by VIXX!

From their Jekyll album 어떡하지, or eotteokhaji, is a fun, light hearted confession song that speaks about those ‘What do I do, what do I say?’ feelings we all get when we’re around our crushes.

Even though this track doesn’t have a music video, VIXX’s incredible vocals, harmonisation and the all round groove of the song makes up for it – we can’t listen to it without smiling!


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Feature Image Source: ©second date, 01.02.2018, youtube

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