Top 10 K-Music Chart: April!

Since April 14th is celebrated as Black Day by single people in Korea, we decided to keep with that theme for this month’s music chart – which will include songs about breakups, heartache, loneliness, self-love and more!

So we hope you enjoy our top 10 picks for Black Day K-Pop songs!


1. Why So Lonely by The Wonder Girls

First up is one of our favourite Wonder Girls songs – Why So Lonely! This track uses playful beats and a reggae sound which is easy to listen to, but the lyrics of the song speak about the struggles of ending a failing relationship and not having anyone to love.

The MV for this song is a favourite of ours, both concept-wise and aesthetically! Featuring all the members in a toxic relationship, they eventually band together and, in a somewhat sinister way, get back at their partner – which is a mannequin.

Message of the song: If you feel yourself in a toxic relationship with someone, where you feel suffocated and are unhappy, don’t be afraid to do something about it! 


2. Crooked by G-Dragon

Next up is probably one of the most iconic heartbreak songs ever, and that’s none-other than Crooked! As he runs around the streets of London, G-Dragon sings about how love is a lie, nothing matters and that even during the times he was in a relationship, he was still alone anyways.

Even though Crooked is quite blunt in it’s ‘everything is meaningless‘ theme, we still can’t help but feel hyped and excited whenever we hear this song begin playing – so we can have fun and be sad at the same time! Overall Crooked is perfect for conveying heartache, much like Do Ji-yong from Surplus Princess.

Message of the song: It’s okay to be crooked, or annoyed, with love – do what you have to do to make you feel a bit better, which in GD’s case is wear thicker eyeliner and leather pants.


3. Ugly by 2NE1

Rather than singing about loneliness or the fact that ‘no love lasts forever’, 2NE1‘s Ugly speaks about having severe self-hate and insecurities regarding appearances – an issue that many people go through.

Although the lyrics are quite negative, with the chorus being ‘I think I’m ugly, and nobody wants to love me…don’t lie to my face cause I know I’m ugly‘, this song is empowering in many ways – with the members of 2NE1 fighting back against someone who’s openly lying to them and being fake, telling them things just to gain something.

Message of the song: If you know someone is being fake or trying to get on your good side by lying, then reject them. 


4. Hate by 4MINUTE

Another empowering girl group song that we definitely think fits into this month’s chart is Hate by 4MINUTE! Singing about a relationship that’s gone sour, this powerful song expresses the need to end a toxic relationship that can no longer be salvaged.

Focusing on the angry side of a break up, rather than the sad side, this song is a great way to let off steam and vent any built up feelings – whether it be about a past relationship or even a friendship!

Message of the song: Don’t try to save a relationship if neither person is happy in it – it’s okay to end things and look after yourself! 


5. FOOL by Winner

Next is a song that is pretty much the opposite of the previous one – FOOL by WINNER. Much darker than their other tracks released last year, FOOL details the regret and mistakes of a past relationship that went terribly wrong.

As much as we love happy hype songs, there’s something about the classic ballad tracks that get us – and FOOL is one of our favourites.

Message of the song: Sometimes in life you can’t help but hurt the people around you, but you can always try to apologise and fix things.


6. So So (소 소) by Baek A Yeon

The next few songs, thank goodness, are a bit lighter and happier than some of these past ones. And when we think of perky anti-love songs, we immediately go to so-so by Baek A Yeon!

This sweet, light-hearted track talks about how sometimes you just don’t feel like bing in love – whether it’s because you can’t find someone you really like or because you have no interest in it.

So-so is, by far, one of our favourite Baek A Yeon music videos – not only is it cute and aesthetic, but it comically shows many different types of guys trying to win her over, and none can manage to stir her heart!

Message of the song: It’s okay to be uninterested in love, and no matter what other people say or how much they try to get involved in your love life, just do what makes you feel happy! 


7. Spring again by Cao Lu, Kisum & Yerin

Another sweet anti-love song we enjoy is Spring Again, which is sung by Cao Lu of FIESTAR, rapper Kisum and GFREIND‘s Yerin!

In this bright sounding dong, these girls sing about how everyone else became a couple and found love, whereas they just stayed at home and watched TV. This song focuses on the fact that spring seems to leave out anyone who isn’t in a relationship, so they continually ask the question; Why is it spring again? For whom did spring come?

Message of the song: It’s never pleasant to be the only single person surrounded by couples, but you’re never really alone if you have friends – and snacks! 


Egoist by LOOΠΔ

Next is Egoist, a track that is sung by Olivia Hye and JinSoul of LOONA. We enjoy this song because it details how, after a relationship has ended, it’s important to love and take care your yourself.

The song is extremely easy to listen to, and the music video itself is one of our favourites that LOONA have released – and we can’t wait to see what else the group have in store this year!

Message of the song: Love yourself. 


9. Congratulations by Day6

Back to the sad songs now with Day6‘s Congratulations! Out of all Day6’s songs about breakups and heartache, Congratulations has to be our favourite – we love everything about it, from the slow-rock beats to the voices of the members.

Singing about a couple who took a break, then never got back together, Congratulations expresses the feelings of pain and regret that come with breaking up. The music video follows a young man who struggles to come to terms with his ex moving on to another person, but he eventually accepts things the way they are and moves on himself.

Message of the song: Things don’t always work out, and no matter how much pain you’re in after a breakup it’s always best to try and move on instead of lingering in the past. 


10. Heroine by SUNMI

Finally, we’re ending on one of our favourite songs of the year, so far, and that’s Heroine by SUNMI!

Heroine is an extremely catchy song that we’ve been listening to non-stop since it’s release. It speaks about how in the end, despite a relationship not working, ‘the show must go on’ and that sometimes a failed romance can’t be helped.

Message of the song: If a failed romance knocks you down, then get back up again and be your own hero!



Feature Image Source: ©WhySoLonely, 24.03.2018,


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