Top 10 Aesthetic K-Pop MV’s!

Many will agree that some of the best parts of K-Pop MV’s are their incredible aesthetics and concepts – which often make you feel like you’re watching something more than a simple music video.

Since there are too many aesthetic K-Pop music videos to list, so we’re just sharing with you ten of our favourite MV’s and why we love them!


Secret by WJSN

The “Cosmic Fairy” Aesthetic

©Secret, 04.04.2018, girlgroupsfilms.tumblr

Set on an extremely aesthetic alien planet, WJSN‘s music video for Secret features the thirteen member’s playing a variety of different characters in their own unique settings, such as Luda, MeiQi and Xuan Yi as priestesses, Dawon, Soobin and Dayong as witches and Seola and Exy as Back to the Future-type space travellers!

These characters, paired with the song’s sweet sound and the rose-chrome filter of their planet, is the reason why we adore this MV – even though pretty much all of WJSN’s music videos are beautiful to watch.

©WJSN, 08.06.2018,


365 Fresh by Triple H

The “Chaotic Grunge” Aesthetic

©Tripple H, 13.06.2018, bts-euphoria.tumblr

Made up of Hyuna and Pentagon‘s Hui and E-Dawn, Triple H wowed us with their youthful music and harmony as a group when they released their MV for 365 Fresh last year. Although the song is upbeat, the music video follows a much darker storyline – involving the unlikely friendship between a murderess, a man with suicidal tendencies and a guy who fell into trouble with gangsters.

But throughout the heavy themes and rather intense plot, there was never a scene in 365 Fresh that wasn’t aesthetic, every second was carefully set up and filmed like a very visually appealing action movie!

©365 Fresh, 04.04.2018,


Come Back Home by 2NE1

The “Cyberpunk” Aesthetic

©2NE1, 04.04.2018, girlgroupsfilms.tumblr

Set in a futuristic city where technology is highly advanced but the standard of living is low, 2NE1‘s Come Back Home music video follows each member and their seperate storylines – featuring Bom and Minzy as factory workers, CL as a resistance leader fighting against the government and Dara, who’s love interest chose to live in the Virtual Paradise rather than with her in the real world.

With some scenes filmed around the futuristic looking Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Come Back Home combines Seoul’s own unique and visually appealing architecture with all the neon aesthetics of a CGI cyber-world.

And when you combine these aesthetics with 2NE1’s complex character arcs, it really feels as if you’re watching a proper sci-fi blockbuster rather than a K-Pop music video!

©2NE1, 13.06.2018, girlgroupfilms.tumblr


Shangri-La by VIXX

The “Royal” Aesthetic

©Shangri La, 08.06.2018, youtube

Focusing less on a complex plot and more on the aesthetics themselves, Vixx‘s music video for Shangri-La appears on most ‘Aesthetic K-Pop MV’ lists – and there’s a very good reason for that!

Each member of Vixx is able to shine in their own individual settings, which feature breathe-taking gold, blue and purple backdrops as well as props such as water, flowers and even peacocks! Overall, Shangri-La is incredibly pleasing to watch and the aesthetics of the MV match the song perfectly.

©Shangri La, 08.06.2018, mvasthete.tumblr


Why So Lonely by the Wonder Girls

The “Retro Femme Fatale” Aesthetic

©Wonder Girls, 08.06.2018,

Why So Lonely by the Wonder Girls has to be one of our favourite girl group MV’s of all time, and the main reason is because it’s both aesthetic and has an interesting plot!

Filmed with a heavy 60′-70’s era aesthetic, Why So Lonely follows the four members as they struggle with a toxic relationship and their own destructive habits, until they eventually enact a revenge plan to get rid of the negativity in their life – which takes the form of a mannequin.

The retro aesthetics, paired with Sunmi, Yubin, Yeeun and Hyelim’s comic interactions with their enemy mannequin, is what makes this MV truly iconic and it will always remain as a favourite for us.

©Wonder Girls, 08.06.2018,


Gashina by SUNMI

The “Technicolour Free Spirit” Aesthetic

©Gashina, 04.04.2018, mvaesthete

Speaking of Sunmi, it would be a sin to not include her music video for Gashina on this list.

Gashina is filled to the brim with bursts of colour and aesthetic scenery which is all tied together with Sunmi’s trademark charisma – making it a fun video to watch!

Not only did Gashina give us some amazing aesthetics, it also brought us the iconic finger gun dance move that became a trend all over Korea!

©Sunmi, 13.06.2018, girlgroupsfilms.tumblr


Spring Day by BTS

The “It could be from an Indie-Film” Aesthetic

©Spring Day, 04.04.2018, mvaesthete

Another  K-Pop boy group that’s always on the top of the aesthetic music videos list is BTS, and the MV listed is usually Blood, Sweat and Tears – which we have to admit, is an extremely aesthetic video.

But we also think Spring Day deserves some recognition too! Where other music videos on this list are a bit visually intense, Spring Day is soft as well as both calming and pleasing to watch!

Featuring the members in different aesthetic settings, such as a train car, laundry-mat, a beach, motel room and an open field, every second is carefully prepared and filmed beautifully – and every scene involves heavy symbolism, making it our favourite BTS music video so far.

©Spring Day, 13.06.2018, mvasthete.tumblr



The “90’s Arcade” Aesthetic

©YESTODAY, 08.06.2018, k-mvs.tumblr

Next up is a MV that came out April this year – YESTODAY by NCT U, which was one of the many NCT music videos that were released for the group’s comeback.

In YESTODAY, each of the four members got their own unique animals that can be seen in different scenes – such as birds, goldfish and geckos!

Featuring beautiful hand-drawn animations, colourful lights and an overall arcade aesthetic, YESTODAY is a joy to watch from beginning to end – and fit’s especially well with the rapping and vocals of the members.

©yestoday, 08.06.2018, letsheenim.tumblr


New Heroes by TEN

The “Fallen Angel” Aesthetic

©new heroes, 19.06.2018,

Another aesthetic MV by someone from the NCT family is TEN and his music video for New Heroes, a song that was also released earlier this year.

Within this extremely aesthetic video, Ten literally shines as he dances, like an angel, throughout the different settings of the MV – which includes a dark beach and an abandoned city, which features the same building from the NCT 2018 Empathy teasers!

All round, we were captivated by Ten’s grace and never-ending visuals in New Heroes and eagerly await more content from him and NCT.

©new heroes, 19.06.2018,


I Want You by SHINee

The “Fun 80’s Advertisement” Aesthetic

©I Want You, 19.06.2018,

Last, but certainly not least, is SHINee‘s music video for I Want You – which is one of the two videos that were released for the group’s The Story of Light comeback.

After all the teaser images and clips, we we’re extremely excited for this second MV and SHINee, as always, did not disappoint with their incredible visuals. After their nostalgic 90’s concept with 1 of 1, the group have travelled back further in time to bring us some amazing space-themed 80’s aesthetics!

From electric pinks, video-game animations and Hawaiian shirts to scenes that look like they’ve been taken right out of an 80’s advertisement, I Want You ticks all our boxes for the ‘perfect retro aesthetic’ – and we’re extremely keen to see what SHINee has in store for the final part of their comeback.

©I Want You, 19.06.2018,


Like some of the MV’s we picked? Comment some of your all time favourite aesthetic K-Pop music videos~!



Feature Image Source: ©Wonder Girls, 08.06.2018,


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