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SLCHLD – K-SPOTLIGHT (Music Special)

We featured an interview with new artist SLCHLD at the beginning of October, who is quickly establishing himself as an up-and-coming presence on the Korean music scene. If you missed it, go back and read the full interview by clicking here. As promised, here is our music review and recommendations article! We hope you enjoy listening to something new this month 😀

SLCHLD has released A LOT of music this year, so it is worth visiting his YouTube channel and Soundcloud page to explore his whole catalogue of music to date!
An introduction to SLCHLD – an exciting newcomer on the Korean music scene

SLCHLD (pronounced “Seoulchild”) is a male artist, who is interested in R&B, soul and hip-hop. He has kept himself very busy from the beginning of the year, with an onslaught of tracks uploaded onto his Soundcloud page. There are several lyric videos on his YouTube channel too.

His tracks have a certain atmosphere and ambience to them. Recent work has been more chilled and mellow. SLCHLD’s voice easily reaches a falsetto range, and he has an added advantage of being able to sing in both Korean and English.

Over the last few months, SLCHLD has shown himself to be extremely proficient at setting up collaborations and networking with a lot of different people, including producers. It means that he is always working at the forefront of new music, and is able to mix creatively with many interesting individuals with the same passion as he has.


© SLCHLD. 02.08.2017

He’s definitely doing all the right things, releasing music on the Naver musician league regularly and getting his name out into the public domain as much as possible. It will be interesting to see what happens next following SLCHLD’s journey to Korea, potentially opening up some new opportunities!

We’ve listened to many of SLCHLD’s tracks lately, so that we can offer a few recommendations to our readers!


Music review and track recommendations

This song remains a favourite of ours, even many listens later. We highly recommend that you listen to ‘Instant’ first because that is what we did, and it prompted us to explore more music by SLCHLD! This song is dreamy with a slow-groove, and a cool guitar solo section thrown in for good measure. SLCHLD’s voice drawls to prolong notes here and there, contrasting well with the falsetto parts which bring some light to proceedings.

Wisdom (and Prayer)

‘Wisdom’ is something completely different from most of the other tracks available, and this is something that we touched on with SLCHLD in the interview (which you can go back and read here). Although, ‘Wisdom’ only lasts 2 minutes, we are glad that he can make music like this from time-to-time. It’s a track that feels very thoughtful, and is accompanied by the rhythmical clinking of chains and guitar, with an overall sound that is somewhat comforting.

Initially we were going to only feature ‘Wisdom’ on its own, but discovered the lyric video which also included ‘Prayer’ so choose to share that here. This second song has some lyrics that we really liked, especially these lines: “free me from the dangers of the throne that I seek, save me from the strangers that violently hurt me…care to take me home.”

Notice Me

SLCHLD is very open to trying different things with his music. With ‘Notice Me’, there are more electronic elements to complement his vocals. We instantly liked the melody, beat and tempo of this one, everything works together to create something that is very interesting.


This is one of SLCHLD’s entirely Korean tracks – very relaxing to listen to, and not overly complicated. Use of ambient sounds in the background lends itself well to the soulful atmosphere that SLCHLD wants to create, as if music is something that is woven into the very fabric of daily life, and not something separate from it.

Call this love (feat. Rheehab)

Out of all of the many collaborations, in our opinion one of the most fruitful is with Rheehab. ‘Call this love’ is a good example of that, it’s much more upbeat and the mix of rapping and vocals make this fresh and standout. It’s no surprise that ‘Call this love’ particularly resonated with the listening public, with listening figures being particularly high for this track. Incidentally, SLCHLD cited this song as his favourite, and we agree that it ranks as one of his best.


We’ll finish with ‘Change’ which we enjoy for its chord progressions, and its use of syncopated rhythms. The guitar riffs are a real highlight too; we listen to this one a lot!

Concluding remarks

SLCHLD’s efforts are beginning to gain him attention, especially recently on the Naver musician league. He is able to easily create a sombre and melancholy mood, yet rather than remain in his comfort zone, chooses to explore other styles including future R&B and deep house. He is assisted by his various collaborative projects with others, which keeps things exciting for us listeners too! We are anticipating the next track, and hope that our IMK readers will become fans of SLCHLD as well!

How to support SLCHLD

We think that SLCHLD is on well on his way to very big things so keep an eye out for him and more new music! Once again, please listen a lot to tracks uploaded on his YouTube channel and Soundcloud site and check back regularly for updated material. You can also visit his Naver musician league page. It’s well worth it!

Featured image and in-article images source: © SLCHLD. 02.08.2017. All images were kindly provided by the artist.

© SLCHLD music review. 08.10.2017. Inspire Me Korea.

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