SHINee’s 10th Anniversary Tribute

On May 25th, 2008, SM Entertainment’s new five member boy group debuted and charmed the K-Pop world with their amazing vocals, fresh stage presence and overall harmony as a group.

Ten years down the track, SHINee has become one of the most influential and trend-setting boy groups to come out of Korea, and are held in the same esteem as infamous bands such as The Beatles and Queen.

So to celebrate SHINee’s 10th anniversary, we’re counting down twenty of our favourite SHINee songs, both Korean and Japanese, that we’ve fallen in love with over their shining career!

©SHINee-1of1, 15.05.2018,

(  all of SHINee’s Japanese tracks are surrounded by this symbol: 「」 )


20. Every Time

Album: SHINee: The Best From Now On (2018)

First of we’re beginning with one of SHINee’s most recent songs as five members, Every Time – a funky, Japanese track that was recorded before Jonghyun passed away. Many were surprised when this song was released, but we loved and cherished it from the moment we heard it!

Highlight: The song’s lighthearted beat (and hearing all the members singing together)


19. Tell Me What To Do

Album: 1 and 1 (2016)

The title song for their 5th repackaged album 1 and 1, Tell Me What To Do is a passionate song came out towards the end of 2016, which now feels like a lifetime ago, and is one of SHINee’s last music videos as five members – making it close to our hearts.

Highlight: SHINee’s harmonisation during the final chorus. 



Album: Married to the Music (2015)

SAVIOUR is one of the under-appreciated bops from SHINee’s Married to the Music era – but we couldn’t help but get caught up in the song’s erratic melody.

Highlight: Onew’s opening line ‘You’re my saviour, and it’s a pleasure’ – we never fail to get chills!


17.「Boys Meet U」

Album: Boys Meet U (2013)

One of our favourite upbeat songs from SHINee’s Japanese ensemble is Boys Meet U, a happy track where the members describe what type of girls catch their eye – we especially love  how the music video reminds us of a certain One Direction MV.

Highlight: ‘I like a Blond hair! Black hair! No border! I like a Sexy girl! Pretty girl! Cutie girl!’. 


16.「3 2 1」

Album: I’m Your Boy (2013)

Even though the MV for this song was a bit on the short side, 3 2 1 is a song that can always get us dancing and we adored seeing SHINee have fun with each-other in this bright, comic-styled music video!

Highlight: SHINee’s electric energy that never fades throughout the whole song.



Album: Your Number (2015)

LOVE is a song that never fails to make our hearts warm, especially when we watch SHINee’s live performance of the song – which always give us goosebumps!

Highlight: Hearing the crowd sing the chorus with SHINee. 


14. View

Album: Odd (2015)

Everyone remembers View for it’s laid-back sound and catchy dance moves, but the first thing that comes to mind, for us, when we think about this song is SHINee’s outstanding vocals and harmonisation – as well as their ability to compliment one another’s unique voices.

Highlight: The addictive chorus and the harmonies heard throughout it – especially between Key’s high notes and Minho’s low ones!



Album: 1 of 1 (2016)

One of our favourite tracks from SHINee’s 1 of 1 album, SHIFT is a song that has a retro sound and unique beat that we can’t help but get up and dance to!

Highlight:  That breakdown part from 1:59 till the end of the song.



Album: Boy Meet U (2013)

The main reason we love Fire is because it showcases how high and low SHINee’s vocal range can go, as well as the member’s ability to meld with each-other’s voices.

Highlight: SHINee’s glass breaking high notes!


11. Married to the Music

Album: Married to the Music (2015)

Being the title track for their 4th repackaged album in 2015, Married to the Music is a upbeat track that will forever be a bop to us – we especially loved the concept for the music video, which was a creepy but fun visual experience!

Highlight: Jonghyun’s ‘Yeah yeah’ high note towards the end of the song + the entire MV. 


10.君がいる世界 ‘The World Where You Exist’

Album: 1000年、ずっとそばにいて ‘1000 Years, Always By Your Side’ (2013) 

A song full of emotion and harmonising,君がいる世界 (Kimi ga Iru Sekai) is by far one of our absolute favourite Japanese SHINee song and we will never stop feeling happy when we listen to it.

Highlight: The amount of emotion contained in the song almost makes us cry.


9. Ring Ding Dong

Album: Year of Us (2009)

We’d be crazy not to include Ring Ding Dong on this list – even though it was released nine years ago, this track is still one of SHINee’s most iconic songs. From the day we first heard it till now, Ring Ding Dong never fails to make us get up and dance whilst simultaneously hitting us with that good ol’ early 2000’s K-pop nostalgia.

Highlight: The 24 times they say ‘ring ding dong’. 


8. Odd Eye

Album: Odd (2015)

Returning to their R&B sound, Odd Eye is a groovy track, written by Jonghyun himself, that has a light, feathery sound which is paired perfectly with SHINee’s vocals.

Highlight: Key’s iconic intro, which includes the phrase ‘My eyes were looking for you, so I found you. Well I know you’re there, show me your eyes, don’t hide’.


7. Feel Good

Album: 1 of 1 (2016)

There were so many amazing songs from SHINee’s 1 of 1 album, and Feel Good is one we especially love – everything from the relaxed tempo and addictive beat to the member’s vocals is a joy ride and makes us feel, well, good!

Highlight: The member’s harmonies.

6. A-yo

Album: Lucifer (2010)

Singing about the hardships of school, adulthood and life in general, SHINee’s A-Yo really reaches out to those facing hardships and encourages them to not lose hope – which is why it’s remained as one of our favourite SHINee songs for all these years!

Highlight: The songs reassuring lyrics and the member’s harmonies.


5. Farewell My Love

Album: Odd (2015)

One of our favourite SHINee ballads is Farewell My Love, which both showcases the members vocal ranges as well as showing how much emotion they sing with!

Highlight: The member’s high-notes.

4. 1 of 1

Album: 1 of 1 (2016)

We fell in love with 1 of 1 as soon as we heard it, and since it’s release in 2016 we haven’t gone a day without listening to it! It’s upbeat, 80’s sound is addictive and the member’s vocals are heaven.

Highlight: SHINee’s charisma and harmonies.


3 – Like a Fire

Album: Why So Serious (2013)

We love Like A Fire because whenever we hear it, we think of SHINee’s performance at their SHINee World III concert – here they made a lot of memories, and when we listen to this song it feels like we’re sharing in those memories too.

Highlight: Onew’s part at 0:50 (as well as hearing the member’s interactions with one another during the stage).


2. Sherlock (Clue + Note)

Album: Sherlock (2012)

Coming in at number two is one of SHINee’s most iconic songs – Sherlock (Clue + Note)! A combination of two of SHINee’s tracks, Clue and Note, Sherlock is a both fun to listen to and even more so to watch – whenever this song comes one we can’t help but dance along in our own erratic way.

Highlight: The catchy chorus, heavy sound and, of course, the group’s interesting wardrobe choices during the MV.


Honourable Mentions:

Since literally every SHINee song is amazing in its own way, we had a lot of difficulty picking our favourites – and unfortunately we had to leave some beautiful tracks out. But before revealing our all time favourite SHINee song, we’ve included some must listen to songs that almost made the cut:

©1 and 1, 22.05.2018,



If You Love Her




©1 of 1, 22.05.2018,



So Amazing (Special Track)



©Odd, 22.05.2018,


Love Sick




©I’m Your Boy, 22.05.2018,



Sunny Day Hero

©Lucifer, 22.05.2018, harubyday124.deviantart



Electric Heart 




1. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)

Finally, how could our number one SHINee song be anything other than their debut track 누난 너무 예뻐, 0r Replay! Since their producers thought their vocals couldn’t handle a ballad like Replay, SHINee were originally meant to debut as a rap group – but we’re so thankful that plans were changed and that each member was able to showcase their individual talents and unique singing in this timeless track!

Highlight: Everything.


Looking back over 10 years with SHINee, seeing how far they’ve come and what they’ve gone through, really makes us appreciate all their hard work and gets us even more excited for their comeback – which we anticipate with open ears and open hearts~!

©SHINee, 22.05.2018, now.smtown


Feature Image Source: ©샤이니, 22.05.2018, facebook


Claudia Deborah (이보라)

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  • Meyra Haneul
    1 year ago

    We all wish Jonghyun was with them, but I hope they will get a huge support from fans to be able to go on for a very long time. All the members work hard, are talented and deserve the chance to shine bright and feel accomplished. SHINee happy anniversary! 🎉🎂🎁👑💞

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