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Seohyun: Don’t Say No REVIEW

With Girl’s Generation’s 10 year anniversary coming up this summer, it makes us proud to see yet another member make their solo debut. Maknae and lead vocalist Seohyun has just released her first solo album Don’t Say No.

We’ve fallen in love with the music video for her title track so we’ll be reviewing it just for you!

Possibly the most striking element of this music video is the cinematography and costume design. We love the clash of old and modern, such as the short version of the hoop skirt. The bright colouring throughout the video as well as the almost unimaginable opulence really makes this music video worth watching.

As with the video itself, lots of genres make up the style of this song. Overall, there seems to be an R&B feel running throughout, which suits the dance routine well. The build ups to the chorus are our favourite parts, as well as the bridge which is backed up by clapping which adds another level to the song.

Just as the title suggests, the song is about a love which doesn’t seem to be working out, but the singer refuses to accept that. In the MV, you can see that things aren’t quite right between Seohyun and the male. As the song progresses, the two become more estranged from each other until he appears to meet an untimely end.

We definitely think that Seohyun kicked off her solo career in style, and that her hard work has paid off. The other songs on her album are definitely worth a listen as well and we wish her luck in the upcoming music shows!

Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it here!

Featured Image Source: © SM Entertainment, 19.01.17

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