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This Boxing Day the annual music program run by the network SBS was broadcasted, hosted by You Hee-Yeol, SNSD’s Yuri and EXO’s Baekhyun. More than 50 groups and soloists gathered in the COEX Hall D, both rookie and more senior ones, to put on some amazing performances. In previous years this was an awards show but this year they’ve been discontinued so that it could be more of a music festival; a style we really liked!

What we love about this program are the amazing collaborations between idol groups as well as the exclusive performances. We’ve picked our favourite acts of the event and we hope you agree with our choices!

1.       10cm, Rose, Jihyun & Chanyeol

Possibly one of the most beautiful and magical performances was this collaboration. The artists performed acoustic versions of their own songs, all produced by the duo 10cm. It was truly moving to be able to hear such vocal talent and we loved how the other idols sang in each other’s songs.

2.       Taeyeon

The audience at the broadcast were lucky enough to see the first live performance of Taeyeon’s song 11:11 which was released at the beginning of last month. She looked absolutely stunning sitting on the swing which was elevated high in the air, and her voice was powerful enough to make the crowd fall silent in awe.

3.       Mamamoo

Not only does this four-member girl group have amazing vocals, but they’re amazing performers too! We found it really clever how they changed the lyrics in their songs to include other artists, which they all really seemed to appreciate.

4.       GFriend, Twice, Seventeen & GOT7

There’s nothing better than collaborations between boy and girl groups and this one certainly didn’t disappoint! What started off as an all-girl performance ended as a smart and classy couple dance. We thought that GOT7’s Jackson and GFriend’s SinB made the best couple: they had real chemistry!

Everyone’s performances were absolutely stunning we wished we could’ve picked all of them! What do you think about our top choices?

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Natalie Mierswa

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