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Music Release Roundup – October 2017

With the end of the month fast approaching, we have put together a list of the best releases in one handy guide! Welcome to our music release roundup for October 2017!

It’s a whistle-stop tour this time around! During autumn there were a fair few ballads which we’ve included in our list but there’s still a good mixture of different songs too. In this edition we feature music from: Primary featuring Samuel Seo and George, Rad Museum featuring DEAN, Taemin, Standing Egg featuring Lee Haeri of Davichi, Samuel Seo, DongAhn featuring Zitten, Bye Bye Badman, Luli Lee of Seoulmoon, HA:TFELT featuring Gaeko, NU’EST, Jang Soobin and Mad Soul Child.

Primary – On (feat. Samuel Seo (서사무엘) and George (죠지))

By chance we clicked on this performance video of ‘On’ which we thought was amazing! We’ve included Primary on lists before, but this song in particular is really worth checking out. It’s got a disco feel and groove, and an infectious chorus. We think a lot of our readers will like this one! Highly recommended.

Rad Museum – Tiny Little Boy (feat. DEAN)

Regular readers will know that we include DEAN on our lists often, but this time he is helping out another member of Club Eskimo, which is fast becoming the hottest crew in Korea. This song is included in Rad Museum’s album titled ‘Scene’. We love the sound of the guitar throughout, it’s has that flamenco feel; the mood is atmospheric and very different from other songs released this month. We also love this!

Taemin – Move

Taemin continues to be one of SM Entertainment’s most consistent artists with this quality EDM track called ‘Move.’ This song showcases a darker and mature sound and Taemin’s trademark strength of being a great dancer.

Mad Soul Child – Fate

Mad Soul Child participate in a song for what appears to be a game. Jinsil’s unique vocal style remains unmatched in the Korean music industry, and ‘Fate’ gives her a platform to demonstrate both the fragility and strength of her voice.

DongAhn (동안) – Beautiful (feat. Zitten (짙은))

We thought that this ballad was the best of this month! Zitten’s vocal is suitably warm and strong for this type of song. It would have been perfect as a part of a drama soundtrack! If you are a fan of ballads, you should listen to this!

Jang Soobin (장수빈) – Torn

We don’t know much about Jang Soobin, other than she seems to be an artist under Mystic Entertainment. ‘Torn’ has that old school R&B sound, and Jang Soobin’s voice is just perfect for it. If you are interested in discovering a new artist, then this one might be for you.

HA:TFELT – I Wander (feat. Gaeko)

Former Wondergirl’s member Ye-Eun made a solo comeback with 2 songs, ‘I Wander’ and ‘Read Me’. Both have music videos with a continual storyline so we encourage you to watch both. Start with ‘Read Me’ and then finish with ‘I Wander’ if you want to follow the story in the right order. Musically, we prefer ‘I Wander’, it’s the better song of the two. However, ‘Read Me’ is boistered with its poignant MV. The storytelling is much more than you’d usually get with Kpop, which made it a strong contender for our music release roundup of October 2017.

Bye Bye Badman – Always in Love

Our under the radar pick of October 2017 is ‘Always in Love’ by Bye Bye Badman. This group includes Luli Lee, bassist of Seoulmoon and former interviewee who we featured in a K-SPOTLIGHT special this year! She is involved in several projects and Bye Bye Badman is one of them. We enjoyed the dreamy shoegaze feel of this song!

Samuel Seo – Off You

Samuel Seo makes it a double on our list this month. ‘Off You’ captured our attention for its creative and imaginative MV. ‘Off You’ has a retro vibe for chilled listening.

NU-EST W – Where you at

The best boy group release of the month goes to NU’EST W, with ‘Where you at’. It gets the basic elements right for a catchy EDM song with offshoots of trap. The synthesizers and drums are especially good here. A high quality uptempo release indeed!

Standing Egg – Foolish (feat. Lee Haeri of Davichi)

Lee Haeri has a powerful voice and as such, slow songs and ballads are always going to be a safe option for her. That said, ‘Foolish’ is still a strong ballad, and she does what she does best with this song. The cello adds a nice touch.

As a bonus for October 2017, we recommend another track by Luli Lee (she makes a lot of good music!), this time a solo piece titled ‘Summer Flower’. Amazing stuff.

Until next time, thanks for reading our music release roundup – October 2017! We hope you’ll return for next month’s edition – happy listening! 😀

Featured image source: © Rad Museum. Scene album cover. 26.10.2017. Rad museum’s official Instagram.

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