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Music Release Roundup – November 2017

It’s that time again, we’ve been listening to a lot of new songs over the past few weeks to bring you the Music Release Roundup for November 2017. The list is longer this month! This edition is a whistle-stop tour so that we can include more songs.

A few that didn’t quite make it onto our list but are still worth checking out: John Park’s Smile, K.A.R.D’s You and Me, new K-pop soloist Yuseol’s Ocean View (a very good debut song) , Seventeen’s Clap, The UnitTurn (an impressively high budget and listenable song from a new idol version of a reality singing show), Pentagon’sRunaway, Minah from Girl’s Day11º (we also wanted to include this but our list was too long as it is!), G.UrbanJust Friend, and finally Red Velvet’s Peek-a-boo.

Without further ado, read on for our recommendations – a mixture of K-pop and K-indie!

The November 2017 list includes music from: BTS, EXID, NELL, Rothy, Zion.T, Soul One, DIA, I’ll, ALi, YEIN, Super Junior, Organic Science, Han Gi Ran, Hoody, Retro Bomb and SOLE.

BTS – Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix)

We have to start with BTS since their popularity is just skyrocketing now! It’s been quite the year for BTS; from being the first k-pop group to win at the Billboard music awards, having their U.S. television debut at the American Music Awards, winning artist of the year at the 2017 MAMA awards to entering the Guinness World Records for having the most twitter engagements for a music group! This remix of Mic Drop was performed on the Ellen show and we think it was great. Congrats to BTS for all their success!


EXID have found their form again with this track which samples Missy Elliot’s ‘WTF’. It’s always a good sign when Hani is allowed to sing in her natural range, which is lower than used in standard K-pop songs. LE’s rap seems to fit better here too, and EXID suit this style to a tee. We’ve chosen to feature their special dance video where they don suits!

NELL x Groovy Room – Today

We continue to like another Groovy Room production, this time with NELL’s ‘Today’. This track’s lyrics stood out for us. It describes feeling extremely low about current circumstance, and accepting it in the hope of a better tomorrow. Worth a listen!

“I feel regrets and sorry and I miss and hate everything. I’m lonely but I want to be alone, I want to leave but I want to stay. Nevermind, I will be okay later. Today…I just feel like that”.

1NB – Where U At

A new K-pop girl group called 1NB are on the scene! Two of their members are participating in the reality show ‘The Unit’. They released this song with a horror MV about a woman getting revenge on a cheating partner, but at an even higher level than we’ve seen before (we warn you that if you are sensitive about seeing blood and gore, then you might want to avoid watching the video). Gore aside, the use of colour in the video is very interesting. The song itself is very good, and is one of the stronger debut tracks we’ve seen in a while. It benefits from a catchy hook and the atmosphere of the song is suitably sinister. We are liking this mature concept from a girl group and will be keeping a look out for future tracks from 1NB. Recommended!

Watch the MV below (Note that it comes with a 19+ warning).

Rothy – Stars

Another new artist that we are recommending is Rothy. We enjoyed this track and Rothy’s vocals. It’s a slow song but very well delivered. A pleasant surprise and recommended!

ALi – Black and White

We didn’t know what to expect when we clicked on this video, but ended up liking this song. ALi has one of those strong voices which suit power ballads, but ‘Black and White’ is a mixture of contemporary with an 80’s sound. The results are pretty interesting. Have a listen!

Hoody – Can’t Wait

Hoody continues some good form with ‘Can’t Wait’. This is a solid smooth R&B track that shows off Hoody’s smooth voice. This is very good. Enough said!

Zion T. – Nu DAY

This track is actually a collaboration between Zion.T and Volkswagen Korea, but it’s a great track and much lighter and brighter than his last few releases. We were bopping our heads along to this! It’s got Zion.T’s characteristic rap delivery but the magic lies in the chorus. Highly recommended!

DIA – 비행소녀

Don’t mistake this artist for the girl group (names of groups/singers can be confusing!). Solo artist DIA released this great K-pop song which we enjoyed a lot! It’s very creative with different elements linked well together. Highly recommended!

I’ll – Don’t want U back

Another artist which was new to us! Taken from the debut album ‘Maybe we are’, this easy-listening track builds up to become something quite grand in scale. Recommended!

YEIN – Surround

YEIN is another artist from On the Record, the label that our interviewee YOONCELL is also signed to. YEIN has a smoky voice which she often lends to jazz songs, but it takes a whole different role in this ballad. Beautiful. Highly recommended!

Super Junior – Black Suit

Super Junior mounted a comeback with ‘Black Suit’, a fun and funky song that harks back to classic K-pop as well as modern sounds. We liked the brass sections and think that it’s one of the better Super Junior songs to come out for a while. It’s always nice to see a group so self-assured and confident in doing their thing after so many years in the industry.


Organic Science – From.Jane

Into a K-indie recommendation now! Organic Science’s ‘From.Jane’ is a cool song with chilled vibe and suitable vocals to match. There is a bass guitar running along through it and some very nice chord progressions. If you are looking for something a little different to listen to, this is for you! Highly recommended!

Han Gi Ran – Peter Pan

We liked the sentiment behind this track. Han Gi Ran sings of wanting to go back to younger days as an adult and about wanting to grow up quickly when she was a child. A gentle piano song for those that are looking for a track that is softer and slower.

Retro Bomb – We are

This is a highly energetic and upbeat soft rock song which we liked! The simple recurring riff and repeated ‘woo hoo’s’ make it quite fun.

SOLE feat. Thama – RIDE

‘RIDE’ is SOLE’s debut song. SOLE is a singer-songwriter involved with Devine Channel. A soft R&B song that features a male vocalist called Thama.

That’s our song recommendations for November 2017! We hope you enjoyed this month’s music release roundup and discovered something new to add to your playlist! See you next month!

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Featured image source: © Big Hit Entertainment. ‘BTS concept photo E.’ 02.12.2017. Big Hit Entertainment website.

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