Music Release Roundup – May 2018

We’re late with our Music Release Roundup this time around, but still wanted to cover the best releases for May 2018! What were your favourites? Let us know by commenting!


Songs that didn’t make it onto our main list were: G-Friend – Time for the moon night, Natalee – Angel, Teen top – Seoul night, Marmello – Moonlight, Sondia – Adult, and UNI.T-No more.


(G) I-DLE – Latata

The top pick for this month is Cube’s newest girl group! Latata is a well-balanced blend of K-pop. The members have vocals that are distinct enough from each other to give them all an identity within the song. Leader Soyeon had a hand in writing the song which is very commendable, and it won first place on several music shows too! Keep a look out for member Yuqi who we think is going to be a very popular. She has a lower vocal register which was an unexpected but good surprise!



Car, the garden – Nothing

Long-term followers of our K-SPOTLIGHT series know that we are a fan of the uniquely named artist, Car, the garden. He just has a special voice which lends itself well to uptempo songs and ballads. This song is part of an OST for Secret Mother. At times the melody sounds haunting but transitions into beautiful falsetto filled with optimism. We are big fans of this one!



BTS – Fake love

BTS’ comeback wouldn’t have passed our readers by, we’re sure everyone already knows about ‘Fake Love’! As expected, the boys haven’t disappointed and delivered a song that will please all their fans. The verse doesn’t give much away with what is to come, but the chorus hits you in an instant. The track has also spawned numerous covers. One of the best is a slow version by Ashmute, check it out!



Hippy was Gipsy – For us

Something completely different with this track! ‘For us’ is brooding and atmospheric, nuanced and layered. It has its own pace and grabs you with its velvety sound, with the guitar providing the framework. Our hidden gem of the month and one of our favourites! Highly recommended!



K.will – My star

We enjoyed ‘My Star’ which is a small departure from K.will ballads. It’s has touches of jazz and those brass instruments give it that big band sound. It would be impressive to see this one performed on stage live we reckon! Some of you may have also spotted Bona and Kian84 in the MV!



iamnot – Burn it up

We were pleased to see a rock song appear on an OST! The thrashing of guitars really brings the song to life.



Bolbbalgan4 – Travel

This duo came back with ‘Travel’ during May, a track which is packed full of fun. Jiyoung’s voice can make any song much more interesting. The chorus is so upbeat and makes ‘Travel’ a standout track on their new album (the whole album is great so we recommend you listen to it!).



Dreamcatcher – You and I

We recommended Dreamcatcher when they first debuted, and we are pleased to still find their music a great listen! No other group quite matches them in terms of owning their darker style and concept. ‘You and I’ is fast becoming one of our favourite Dreamcatcher tracks, and Dami performs a magic trick during music stages which is eye-catching in amongst the fast and furious choreography.



Cross gene – 비상

This is an energetic dance tune with the boys dancing in sunshine in the MV, we were finger-clicking along to this one!



Tia – No More

This is Tia’s first (self-written) solo single and we thought it was a good effort. On the YouTube page it says that Amber directed the MV! ‘No more’ has a simple yet effective hook, which gets under your skin. See what you think!



Heygirls – Follow me

We hadn’t heard much about Heygirls before listening to this song. However, it was actually a very catchy one, and even with some imperfections in production, the melody got itself stuck in our heads for days on end. The electronic pulses make it seem very addictive. Catchy K-pop indeed! Unfortunately most new groups tend to find it difficult to break through to popularity, and this song hasn’t performed that well on the charts so far.



Vincent – Talk about

Our discovery of the month is Vincent with the groovy track ‘Talk about’. This is simply a very polished song which doesn’t stay on one idea too long before moving to the next phrase. We enjoyed it! Check it out!



Leebada – Crush on you

We’ve been following Leebada’s music for a long time now, and it seems that she is beginning to make in-roads into the mainstream music domain. This is obviously very good news for her, and for new fans because her voice is really something special (we’ve always thought that!). Unfortunately, this time around we were a little conflicted about including ‘Crush on you’ on our list, because it does pale in comparison to some of her older works. We can understand why she chose a more public friendly tune and image for this track though, and it’s still fairly listenable, but perhaps might be lost among all the other songs this month due to its mellow vibe.



Jessi, Double K, Microdot -가시

A rap track makes it onto our list this month; we liked the change in pace and message in this collaborative release. Jessi raps and sings in the chorus, whilst the boys take turns rapping. Worth a listen!



That’s all for this month, a whistle-stop tour through May 2018. Apologies for the lateness, but we hope you enjoyed this edition and discovered something new to add to your playlist! Until next time!


Featured image source: © Cube Entertainment. (G)I-DLE  profile photo. 12.04.2018. (G)I-DLE official Instagram.

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