Music Release Roundup – March 2018

March 2018 was a month filled with appealing music releases! We had a tough job selecting our favourites but we think that we have just about managed it! Read on for our recommendations for the month, once again covering K-pop, K-indie and lesser known names with a few OSTs this time too.

Sadly, we had to be extra critical when compiling our list this time, so several good songs didn’t make it onto our main list. But if you have time and want to listen to more, check out the following: WOOGIE- Rolling Stones (Feat. Car, the Garden), Kisum – It’s Okay (feat. Heize), UP10TION – Candyland, Jenny Jeon – Dear You, Muzie – I can’t let you go (feat. Space Cowboy), Sunday Moon – Eleven, George (죠지) – Swimming pool, Jeong Sewoon – No Better than This, EXO-CBX-Someone like You, and Moonmoon-Eden.


Our main list for March 2018 includes music from: DAVINK, Mongkangmongkang, 015B and Jane Jang, Heize feat. Gaeko, A.C.E, Younha, Olivia Hye of LOONA feat. JinSoul, Monsta X, TVXQ!, I’ll, Hwasa of Mamamoo, Im Hyeonjeong, Samuel feat. Ilhoon of BTOB, Hippy was Gypsy, Sunwoo JungA, and Taeha & Ahin of Momoland.


DAVINK (다빈크) – It is You

An uplifting and glorious song to start with! ‘It is You’ by Davink has all the makings of a track that will energise you in a positive way. A powerful voice is supported by a plethora of instruments and thumping beat.


Mongkangmongkang – I Feel Strange

This track is a good example of K-indie soft rock, and is perfect for the spring. We loved it from beginning to end! Highly recommended!


A.C.E (에이스)-5tar

‘5tar’ sounds like it should be part of Big Bang’s catalogue, and we could hear how the parts would have been divided between those members! However, not taking anything away from A.C.E, they do well to deliver all parts of this ballad well, and it is kept interesting enough throughout. The fact that the rap is sung works effectively, and the chorus is a definite highlight.


Olivia Hye (LOONA) – Egoist (feat. JinSoul)

The members of LOONA are at last complete with the reveal of final addition, Olivia Hye. The MV is of utmost quality and the lore of the LOONA-verse is brought full circle at the end of the video. The rap felt a little misplaced which displaces ‘Egoist’ from being at the top of our recommendations purely from a listener’s point of view, but nonetheless it’s a sound release.


Younha (윤하) – No Answer

Younha is always been one of our favourite artists. Much of her memorable work lies in tracks that allow her to portray emotions. We are pleased to say that ‘No Answer’ is one of them, especially as the lyrics are so beautiful. Add to that the backing of an orchestra, the song fills to the brim and recedes to nothing, giving that feeling of sadness and frustration that will be relatable to so many.


In the sky of a silent night, in my silent room, I fall down endlessly.

If I open my eyes in the morning, what will be different?

As I sleep fitfully, suddenly you come to my mind,

I’m so weak, am I any use?

I couldn’t find the answer.”



MONSTA X – Jealousy

MONSTA X rise to the top of our boy band picks this month with high energy ‘Jealousy’. Highly polished and coolness in spades, the confidence of the members shines through. A great song for this month! Check it out.


I’ll (아일)– To My Dear

I’ll has predominantly released slower songs in the past. However this one is underpinned by drums throughout (reminding us of those used in traditional Scottish tunes!), and allows him to show off some falsetto.


Hwasa of Mamamoo – Became Calm

Before listening to this song, we weren’t sure whether Hwasa’s husky vocals would suit a typical ballad but our concerns were unfounded. We probably would have rated ‘Became Calm’ lower if it hadn’t been Hwasa working her magic here. The MV suits her style completely too. With her increased involvement in Mamamoo’s music, we are looking forward to what she does next! Although we miss their more creative fare, this is probably our favourite of all the newer Mamamoo solos so far.


Heize – Jenga (feat. Gaeko)

We are pleased to see Heize make another reappearance on our Music Release Roundup this month! Rapidly gaining success nowadays, she has released another album. ‘Jenga’ is definitely our top recommendation from the album track list. Heize has come a long way from her beginnings now and we are pleased that she continues to create quality music and make good choices. We’ll forgive some of the questionable English in the chorus since the rest of the song is so good! That double bass, fantastic chord progressions, there is so much to praise in Jenga!


Im Hyeonjeong – Breathe

Former K-SPOTLIGHT special interviewee Im Hyeonjeong has gone from strength-to-strength since we spoke to her. She successfully crowdfunded the production of her first physical mini album which was released in March! She’s still writing new material in a comfortable style, the newest being this song called ‘Breathe.’



TVXQ! – The Chance of Love

Trending on YouTube at the time of writing, March marked the return of TVXQ! ‘The Chance of Love’ allows these veterans of the K-pop industry to have some fun. The MV uses mostly a dark palette but flits to the grandeur of a stage that could have been plucked out of Broadway. The song is very addictive!


015 and Jane Jang – Sangsu Station Exit 2

Jang Jang is fast becoming one of our regular features, and exudes sass and style in this track too! She has a great time playing with the rhythmic phrases of this song, and has amazing energy.


Hippy was Gypsy – Record

‘Record’ took us completely by surprise. Knowing nothing about Hippy was Gypsy whatsoever, we decided to listen to this song and enjoyed it. It has a low-fi feel and stylistically drags in pace. The falsetto brings it alive though, and we recommend checking out this under-the-radar track.


Samuel – One (feat. Jung Ilhoon of BTOB)

This dance K-pop track brought a nice change of pace from the ballads and made us take notice of Samuel. His best track to date.


Sunwoo JungA – 여정 (Mother OST part 4)

The talented Sunwoo JungA has garnered attention since her appearance on the ‘King of Masked Singer.’ We thought her reimagining of Blackpink’s ‘Whistle’ was so good! Watch and listen here. She features on the soundtrack for a K-drama this month and demonstrates her versatile vocals in this track.



Taeha and Ahin of Momoland – I need you and I love you (크로스 OST Part 5)

One last OST song to finish, two members of Momoland sing a ballad song with crisp and clear voices.


Until next time, as always…keep enjoying music and we hope that you’ve all found something you like from our March 2018 list!


Featured image source: © Heize. 08.03.2018. Heize official Instagram.

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