Music Release Roundup – June 2018

We are catching up with music releases from the last few months! So we are going back to June 2018 with this edition of the Music Release Roundup, highlighting a variety of genres for our readers! Our list of good music was jam-packed for June, so once again we’ve had a hard time deciding which songs would feature on our main list. The songs that didn’t make the cut are included in the paragraph below, so if you wish to add even more music to your playlist, click on any of the titles which are hyperlinked.

These are the songs that were under consider but didn’t make our main list: Rothy – Sullae, Taeyeon – Something New, Phonebooth – Firework, Nieah – Of You, Nuz – Sunset, Epik High x Sekai no Owari – Sleeping Beauty, JIGM – Blue, Yuju (GFriend) feat. Suran – Love Rain, The Good Boys – Running, Kim Bada – Flow,  Krisemaze feat. Dilli Jinn – Tarantino, and Produce 48 – Pick Me (we thought this was better than the Pick Me of Produce 101 season 1!).


The Volunteers – Violet

Baek Yerin of 15& decided to extend her music portfolio and front a rock band with members of Bye Bye Badman! We’ve been fans of Yerin’s work so were excited to see her do something different with experienced members of Bye Bye Badman. We have to say ‘Violet’ is excellent! The thrashing guitars, crashing drums and cymbals combine well with Yerin’s voice. This alternative rock track became one of our favourite tracks since we first discovered it in June! They also have a track called ‘Nicer‘ that was very good as well. We’ll be keeping an eye out for The Volunteers in the future. Highly recommended.



Myle.D – Illusion

Sometimes you need some feelgood tunes to get you through the day, and ‘Illusion’ is the perfect soundtrack 🙂 Recommended.



Hui – For You

Hui came to our attention when he took part in the Korean show, Breakers. He performed several notable songs and we’ve picked ‘For You’ to recommend here!



Very Very Good Life – Serenade

Next up is a relaxing K-indie song! ‘Serenade’ is gentle and beautiful. We enjoyed this!



1sagain and Nuun  – Fade Away

We didn’t know anything about these artists at all before listening, so this was a pleasant surprise! A mix of rap and vocals blended well together to create an emotional song.



Eian – Over The Rainbow

Eian is another new discovery for us! ‘Over The Rainbow’ sounds like it is filled with a lot of positive energy.



Katie Kim – Remember

It seems like its been a long wait for Katie to release music, but we now have a glimpse into what is to come from this promising artist with ‘Remember’. She opted for a song which wouldn’t sound out of place if played on commercial radio around the world. Certainly different from ordinary K-pop, it’s mature and dark.



Parc Jae Jung – Bad Dream

Parc Jae Jung has a powerful voice, which lends itself well to power ballads. ‘Bad Dream’ is his best yet!



Day6 – Shoot Me

We were happy to see Day6 return to a stronger rock sound with ‘Shoot Me’. One of their best tracks in a long time. More of this please!



Lee Bada – I Can’t Never Stop [Mistress OST Part 2]

We’ve said all along that we are fans of Lee Bada’s unique raspy voice. We much prefer when she experiments with the darker R&B sound that she started with. Fortunately, for this OST, she has contributed a very good song with a pulsing dance beat as a backdrop. It starts quietly but packs a punch at the end as she lets her voice soar. We recommend you check out this one!



Blackpink – Forever Young

We thought this track was the best on their recent album. Though keeping within their now established Blackpink style, it had a few different elements that were more interesting to listen to.



SUPERBEE & MyunDo – Life is Premium

For those who like K-hiphop, we recommend this one! It has a little bit of everything, and you’ll soon be singing along to the chorus.



Bumkey – Rain & You

Bumkey is a reliable artist when it comes to slow songs. ‘Rain & You’ is no exception! You can only marvel at such a voice!



Nu’est W – Gravity & Moon

Best male group song for June 2018 goes to Nu’est W for ‘Gravity & Moon’! We especially enjoyed the sharp vocals, rapping and mixture of strong and smooth tones throughout this track.



Chimmi – Runaway

Chimmi are a duo who have released the groovy ‘ Runaway’; this track has a smooth buildup to it and stylish edge. Highly recommended!



Yubin – Lady

Yubin surprised everyone by launching her solo career with a disco sound. Although it didn’t set the charts alight, we applaud her for doing something different! We enjoyed the synths and retro vibe.



Collective Art, Lee Wonju, Jung Hyeeun – Ourself in time

‘Ourself in time’ could be described as a typical Korean ballad, however, we were drawn to the lovely harmonies in this one. If you like ballads, this song will be right up your street!



Thanks for reading through our recommendations for June 2018! If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a bonus! Taeyeon has a lovely voice, and we thought her Japanese release called ‘I am the Greatest’ showcased it well. Enjoy this one!


Featured image: © The Volunteers. 20.05.2018. The Volunteers Official Instagram.

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