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Music Release Roundup (June 2017)

We have once again quickly reached the end of the month, so it’s time for our June 2017 music release roundup! It’s another bumper list of recommendations for June 2017! Our picks include music from Hyolyn and Kisum, BoA, Eddy Kim, BewhY, Stella Jang and Kisum, Suran and DEAN, Punch and GLABINGO, Sool J, YEZI and ULTIMA, T-ARA, The Black Skirts, Fromm, and 정혜선.

Please also check out music from K-indie band Seoulmoon this month – they have recently released a new single and their style is perfect for the summer! If you are interested in finding out more, go back and read our interview and music review.


Hyolyn and Kisum – Fruity

This was our favourite track for June 2017! Hyolyn makes sure that she stays in the public eye after the disbandment of SISTAR, with this extremely catchy tune produced by Groovyroom that makes great use of her quickfire delivery and slick vocals. Kisum has 2 tracks on our list but her rap sections here are some of the best she’s done so far! A very good collaboration between the two artists. Highly recommended!



We just managed to listen to BoA’s new song before publishing this list, and we were glad that we did because she is involved in a very polished effort with this track. The video is a strong blend of reds and blacks, and this chic dance number brings BoA back to her best. The song was produced by The Underdogs and incorporates base and synth sounds.


Eddy Kim – Heart pound 쿵쾅대

One of the more interesting songs of the month, Eddy Kim’s smooth effort makes for great listening! There is a mix of different instruments and the song construction is very addictive. Watch the video below.


BewhY – Scar 흔적

BewhY has a distinct style to his rapping, and manages to strike a decent balance between a memorable chorus and strong wordplay in ‘Scar’.


Stella Jang and Kisum – About to cry 울기 일보 직전

You may have noticed that several songs have been posted by the CJENMMUSIC official channel under the ‘Story about’ series. This one caught our eye mainly because the story in the music video was like an engrossing mini-drama and the music was a good accompaniment for the unfolding of the tale.


Suran and DEAN – 1+1 = 0

Both of these artists were previous K-SPOTLIGHT features, so it is amazing to see them work together on this catchy track. ‘1+1’ is part of Suran’s new album which is very good, so it’s worth taking a listen to the entire thing! The live version featured on Sketchbook is so good! DEAN is back at his very best, and Suran’s voice sounds so similar to the CD version. Watch it by clicking here. The official video is below.


Punch and GLABINGO – Beautiful beautiful 글라빙고

OSTs that are have the word ‘beautiful’ in the title are usually good to listen to, and this one is no exception! If you are regular readers of the music release roundup, you may remember GLABINGO, who made it onto our list during December of 2016. This song sounds well suited to a K-drama; it’s upbeat and energetic, with a lovely melody. Highly recommended!


Sool J, YEZI and ULTIMA – Runaway 도망가

Out of these 3 artists, we had only heard of YEZI, but this is a solid effort from all involved. It’s a track wth a mixture of rapping and singing, and is actually very listenable. If you are looking for something new and are into hiphop, this one might be for you!


T-ARA – What’s my name 내 이름은

A special mention for T-ARA this month who were particularly emotional after going through turbulent times in the past, having 2 members recently leave the group but finally ending up with a well-deserved music show win in June 2017 for their song ‘What’s my name’. They were getting a lot of strong fanchants during their performances, and we’ve chosen one music show video to include here. The song harks back to some of their dance tracks with retro vibes, but with enough to make it stand out from most of the other K-pop releases in June 2017. You can also watch the official video here. Congratulations to T-ARA!


The Black Skirts – Who do you love

Warning: this video is rated with an older age certification of 19.

This melancholy song was one of our favourites this month. It comes with a storyline MV, which is worth a watch too. We really like the closing section of this track, it ends on a hopeful note, with a touch of nostalgia which is very fitting to the concept.


Fromm – Spring, a dream of winter 봄은 겨울이 꾸는 꿈

Indie-folk singer Fromm released 2 songs, ‘Spring, a dream of winter’ and ‘Fin’ but we like the first one better. It’s a soothing listen, and a calming song.


정혜선 – The dream in dreams 꿈속의 꿈

And last, but not least! We are a little late with this song, but ‘The dream in dreams’ was a refreshing track that grabbed our attention with it’s softrock sound and strong vocals. Definitely one to check out if you are looking for a different sound this month! It’s very well made.

Thanks for visiting our June 2017 music release roundup! If you made it to the end of article, we’d like to say thanks by leaving you with one more bonus video. Until next time!

Bonus content: Suran singing 오늘 취하면 including the rap sections!

Featured image source: © Starship Entertainment. 30.06.2017. Starship official Instagram.

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