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Music Release Roundup (August 2017)

August came and went by so fast! That means it’s time for our August 2017 music release roundup! There were so many good songs to choose from so it is really a BUMPER COMPILATION. More bands feature this time as there seems to be a surge of music from bands lately!

Out picks this month include music from The Rose, Moon Yirang feat. Hoody, Heize, Taeyang, 9Muses, Yoo Young Jin x Taeyong, N.Flying, Nam Taehyun, ONF, Hoody, Kassy, Cosmic girl, Junoflo feat G.Soul and Dok2, and finally Stella Jang. There will also be a few extra releases to recommend too!

Why not check out our K-SPOTLIGHT special artists this month? Folk singer-songwriter Im Hyeonjeong and R&B/electronic artist VIEW have some really great music so make sure to take a listen to them!

We’ll start by mentioning some songs that didn’t quite make it onto our main list, but are worth taking a look at! Girls’ Generation are celebrating their 10th anniversary with upbeat double title tracks, ‘Holiday‘ and ‘All Night, Wanna One (from season 2 of Produce 101) have a song called ‘Energetic‘, Seul Ong had a song called ‘You‘ released a few months ago featuring Beenzino which we really like, G-DRAGON’s ‘Untitled‘ is great, Drug Restaurant adopt a lyrically strange (it’s in English) but grungy rock sound in ‘Drink O2 in the water‘ and Sonamoo have a catchy track ‘Friday Night‘ out too.

Now onto the main list!

The Rose – Sorry

‘Sorry’ is the debut single from a new band called ‘The Rose’. We think the main vocalist’s voice is just the right blend of smooth with a rock edge.

Moon Yirang feat. Hoody – Aphasia

This next one comes very highly recommended by us! A dance track that features Hoody’s R&B vocals. Moon Yirang’s production is top-tier here, and Hoody’s voice works very well against that pulsing beat. It’s a chill vibe but a great collaboration. We think it is one of the best new songs this month!

Heize – You, Clouds, Rain

Heize continues to impress us when she focuses on singing, rather than rapping. We think that she has probably noticed that her public appeal has been built on that and most of her releases now have her singing for the most part. Heize has made it to mainstream success and has another album to her name. This song is a sad one, an accompaniment to a rainy day but we enjoyed it a lot.

Taeyang – White night

‘White night’ is the first track of Taeyang’s new album and it is supposed to act only as an intro. We think that YG Entertainment missed a trick here, because this could have been the best full song of the whole album. But…they still released a music video for it which we were glad about! If you are exploring Taeyang’s album, ‘Empty Road’ is also quite good.

9Muses – Love city

9Muses can’t seem to catch a break sometimes with so many members coming and going, and mainstream recognition eluding them. But the remaining members do well with this new release, which mixes a few interesting elements together. It’s a good Kpop track!

Yoo Young Jin x Taeyong – Cure

This is another SM station track which caught our attention. Yoo Young Jin works with Taeyong for this soft melodic rock song. It’s about lending a hand to each other during difficult times and providing the ‘cure’ for broken hearts. It’s another good one!

N.Flying – The Real

This song is just fun. The video is too! It’s got an infectious hook too, so altogether ‘The Real’ is worth taking a look at!

Nam Taehyun – Liar

Some of you might recognize the name ‘Nam Taehyun’. The former member of Winner decided go down the indie route and create music quite far removed from the type that he was doing before. We really liked ‘Liar’ so this one comes highly recommended!

ONF – Cat’s Waltz

New group time! We enjoyed this offering from ONF, although they have been overlooked due to Wanna One catching the attention. Keep a look out for ONF if you like male groups!

Hoody – Hangang

Hoody features for the 2nd time in the same list with ‘Hangang’. Hoody has always had a great recording voice, but in this MV you can see that she is growing in confidence in other aspects of being a performer. She dances and moves naturally in the video and we like the lighter tone that she has in ‘Hangang’ which contrasts a lot of her previous tracks from her album ‘On and on’. Recommended!

Kassy – Let it Rain

Yet another artist who tried their hand at rap and returned to singing, which we think was the right idea in Kassy’s case. She is good singer and we featured her previously as part of a previous recommendations list. We noticed that she is grasping more opportunities lately. You might recognize her name from OST soundtracks lately. ‘Let it Rain’ is about missing a loved one.

Cosmic girl – I’m ok

Don’t get confused between WJSN and this artist! Cosmic girl is the name taken by a former member of Rania (Jooyi) who eventually became a songwriter and producer. This is very nice R&B song, it is faster tempo which makes a change from a lot of R&B that is on the charts at the moment. Highly recommended.

Junoflo feat. G.Soul and Dok2 – ‘Eyes On Me’

We’ve been keeping an eye on Junoflo who is part of Feel Ghood Music (Tiger JK’s label) and is taking part in Show Me the Money series 6 which is currently airing in Korea. We like his rapping flow, and this collaboration song featured on episode 3 is really good! Check it out.

Stella Jang – Alright

Last but not least, Stella Jang has been going from strength to strength. ‘Alright’ is distinctive song, which is helping Stella to stand out. It’s a little quirky (Stella even attempts a rap), but the song has an amazing melody and rhythm. We are a few months late with this song, but we discovered this SERO live performance to show our readers (you can also watch the official MV here). Stella is a guitar player too! Highly recommended!

And that brings us to the end! Thanks for reading through our August 2017 music release roundup! If you made it to the end of article, we’d like to say thanks with one more bonus video. We’ve chosen an OST track by Savina & Drones that featured on the K-drama, Bride of Haebek, called ‘Glass Bridge’. A heart beat is used at the beginning of the track! It’s a beautiful song. We hope you enjoy it! See you next month!

Featured image source: © The Rose. J&Star Company. 23.08.2017. Band The Rose official Instagram.


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