Music Release Roundup – April 2018

What songs were you listening to during April 2018? Welcome back to another edition of the music release roundup, with our recommendations from last month! What will you discover today?

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough space to include everything that we liked in full here, so we had to be extra critical and cut some from our main list. But if you are looking for something extra to add to your playlists, here are a few more suggestions: Super Junior D&E – Lose it, Teen Top – Crazy, Eric Nam – Potion (feat. Woodie Gochild), HIGHTEEN – Timing, Minseo – Growing Up, Pony – Outta my mind and JooYoung – Daydream.

This time we’ve chosen to cover music from: EXID, MET, Choi  Jungyoon, MOVNINGTWICE, Eric Nam, HYO, PentagonNCT, Charming lips and Summer Soul, EXO-CBX, and NANO.


EXID – Lady

It’s been a while since we thought that EXID had a song that reached the heights of ‘Up and Down’, but following on from the slick sounding ‘DDD’, the girls go for a 90’s feel in ‘Lady’ which suits them perfectly. We feel that recently LE’s songwriting has showcased each member very well, and although Solji is still recovering from ill health, Hyelin has really come out of the shadows to belt out a few high notes of her own. Plus any song which allows Hani to sing more comfortably in a lower register gets a thumbs up from us! The MV has lots of reference to the 90’s, which we loved to see. It’s made it to the top of our list for April 2018. Watch it below!


We’ve also chosen to include this piano version of Lady, which of course suits Hani!


MET – Our Times

This song is wistful and we loved it a lot! There is something beautiful about singing of ordinary days, with a great message that the things which are most important don’t change. Sway along to this one. Highly recommended for this month!


Choi Jungyoon – Desire

Keeping with K-indie for a moment, ‘Desire’ by Choi Jungyoon is another beautiful track to add to your playlist. The clarinet is a lovely accompaniment to this ballad. If you love slower songs, this one is for you!


MOVNING – Falling with you

MOVNING are a different sort of band, consisting of members who play the piano, bass and drums. ‘Falling with you’ provides a reassuring message to a loved one, promising to stay during bad times and even fall together with them if that time comes. A soft rock song heightened with orchestral strings during the chorus.


TWICE – What is love

TWICE’s ‘What is love’ biggest selling point is definitely the music video filled with movie references! The members seem to have a lot of fun playing the various parts and we enjoyed the comedic elements of the MV. They have a recognizable point dance move in drawing out the question mark, and the melody is very public friendly. ‘What is love’ might become a firm fan favourite! Storming the charts yet again, TWICE remain super popular!


Eric Nam – Lose You

Eric put out a new album during April, which we took a listen to. We liked ‘Lose You’ the best, even though it wasn’t chosen as the title track. Do you agree with us?


HYO – Sober (feat. Ummet Ozcan)

SNSD’s Hyoyeon is now shifting her direction to pursue a career as a DJ. She has been training the necessary skills to achieve that for some time now and we do think that ‘Sober’ is the best track she has released so far as a soloist. Going by the name of ‘DJ HYO’ on this new path, ‘Sober’ has been released in both Korean and English versions, for mass appeal. Her collaboration with Dutch DJ Ummet Ozcan has paid off. This is an uptempo EDM track, about liberation, and loving yourself enough to show the world who you really are. It’s not groundbreaking, but serves as a good transition for her into the dance music genre.


Pentagon – Shine

Although there are bigger boy groups out there, we like a lot of Pentagon’s songs. ‘Shine’ has a bright energy and a pleasant piano melody, with plenty of chants thrown in to get a packed crowd going.


NCT – Black on Black

We’re including ‘Black on Black’ on this list due to it’s impressive MV. It’s the first song to feature all the members and so we had high expectations for the choreography. However, we felt that the chorus was too repetitive and weak compared to the energy built up by individual members in the chorus. The whole thing is much more enjoyable watching the video alongside, it’s an amazing spectacle to see the formations!


Charming Lips, Summer Soul – Kill Your Darling

Our next recommendation is super-chill. There is this fantastic ‘hazy’ feeling about it, but you’ll be nodding your head along to the track in no time. ‘Kill Your Darling’ is in English, builds gradually, and gets you in the mood for summer coming along soon. This song is bound to be overlooked by the Korean public, but shouldn’t be. Highly recommended!


EXO-CBX – Beautiful Gangsan

EXO-CBX seem to be another of those groups who release music that we like often. We didn’t realise that this was a cover at first, but it has such a funky groove and an addictive whistling part that we loved!


NANO – Punishment

NANO is the new stage name for Jaeho who used to be in the group HISTORY before they disbanded. We thought that ‘Punishment’ was a good start for him, it’s an R&B effort which stands up against other big company offerings. The flow he achieved was what we were most impressed by.


We are almost at the end of our list now. Thanks to those who always stick with us and read all the way to the end! We hope you found something you liked from our recommended April 2018 releases. As a bonus to all who made it this far in our article, here is one extra video…it’s an acoustic version of ‘Rollercoaster’ by Chungha. We prefer it to the original! We hope to see you again for another music release roundup next month!


Featured image source: © Banana Culture Entertainment. EXID ‘Lady’ album cover. 03.04.2018. Official EXID Instagram.



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