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Music Release Roundup (April 2017)

Just in time to slot in our Music Release Roundup April 2017! Here are a selection of songs for you to listen to; read on to find out about music from TEN, Winner, Lee Si Eun, The East Light, Laboum, Lee Hae Ri, Dreamcatcher, Hyukoh, along with a few recommendations of older releases from CNBlue, Eunkyo and Crucial Star!

Why not also listen to some tracks from the two R&B artists we featured as part of our K-Spotlight Specials this month?

Nieah baby I

Image source: © ‘Baby I’. ChillWithus. 29.04.2017. ChillWithus Soundcloud channel.

Nieah has a pre-release teaser song called ‘Baby I’ that you can listen to here on Naver. She is doing well (top 10) in the Musician’s League with this track, which we are happy to see! You can also explore our music reviews for Nieah and Villain and find more of their music there!

Let’s continue with the roundup!


TEN – ‘Dream in a dream’

This track was released as part of SM station for this month. ‘Dream in a dream‘ is more of a performance piece, and is best enjoyed by watching the video as there isn’t actually much singing in it. A thudding bass, repeating oriental melody and instrumentals make this one of our most played songs of April 2017! TEN is a fantastic dancer and the music video is vivid and colourful. The choreography has a nod to martial arts movements and in parts of the MV he is dancing with a female dancer or groups of male dancers. Highly recommended to watch and listen to this!

Winner – Really, Really

Winner came back during April, with a tropical house sound (which seems to be the genre that is being pushed in Kpop at the moment). This upbeat song features a lyrically simple chorus to ensure that it is memorable and rap parts that blend well with the rest of the song. The drop is not jarring either, which is sometimes the case with these types of tracks. A black and white video accompanies the release. Watch it below!

Lee Si Eun – ‘A letter to me’

Lee Si Eun was a previous Kpop Star contestant, and very recently released a single. This ballad song does not break new ground, but is a pleasant one to listen to, especially the powerful vocals in the chorus. A simple video about growing up with a love for music matches ‘A letter to me’ well.

The Eastlight – ‘I am what I am (tropical remix)’

Finally ridding themselves of wigs and boiler suits, this young group have released a fun remix of ‘I am what I am’. The main vocals have a slight rock edge which enhances the effect of the song. This one was a pleasant surprise, so take a listen!

Laboum – ‘Hwi, hwi’

Taking the sound of whistling, and implementing it into a song is the name of the game here. Girl group Laboum have a solid release in ‘Hwi, hwi’, it is lighthearted and bounces along like good Kpop should. They released a performance version video which allows them to show off their choreography and it is a high quality shoot. Watch it below.

Lee Hae Ri – ‘Pattern’

Lee Hae Ri surprised many by singing a song that completely contrasts what duo Davichi are best known for. This is a slick and groovy track, with a few extras added on (some spoken lines here and there, slow-down of tempo etc.). Although she is not promoting ‘Pattern’ as actively as the title ballad track ‘Hate that I miss you’, we think that ‘Pattern’ is the much better (and interesting) of the two.

Dreamcatcher – ‘Good Night’

Dreamcatcher continue with a darker concept with their second comeback. This rock-tinged song makes a refreshing change from the other songs this month, and they always pair them with very sharp and intricate group choreography (you can see it better in the dance video). One of the best releases in Kpop for April!

Hyukoh – ‘Tomboy’

Indie band Hyukoh released an amazing album called ‘23’ which has several songs which we really like! Listening to the full album is highly recommended, because it contains a diverse mixture of styles. We have chosen to feature ‘Tomboy’ here, one of the slower songs. It is steeped with nostalgia and a hint of regret which we loved. An official animated video is available to watch too!

Now to some slightly older releases for the remainder of the Music Release Roundup April 2017!


CNBlue – ‘Between Us’

This song passed us by last month when it was originally released. CNBlue have fun with this melodic rock track combining electronic elements, which we think is one of their best works. A solid effort.

Eunkyo – ‘Beautiful Mistakes’

Indie singer Eunkyo has a very impressive song called ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ which was available from the end of 2016. A hidden gem, Eunkyo’s voice makes this song stand out. Minimal electronics are enough to give gravitas to the chorus and bridge, however, it is a shame that the video is quite low budget. But the overall sound more than makes up for that, so we highly recommend giving this song a chance!

Crucial Star – ‘Fall (feat. Kim Na Young)’

This song was from autumn of last year, and is a mid-tempo offering. The two voices of Crucial Star and Kim Na Young blend nicely together and the rapping is an effective way to keep the song interesting.

That brings us to the end of our Music Release Roundup April 2017! One last bonus recommendation from us is to listen to Taeyeon’s ‘I Blame on You which we consider the best of her 3 new songs that can be found as part of the repackaged ‘My Voice’ album.


Did you find something new to listen to? We hope that you did!

Featured image source: © Dream in a dream teaser image. SM Entertainment. 04.09.2017. SMTOWN GLOBAL twitter.

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